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Thanks for all the kind words, everyone.

Also, please don't be upset with Ken, Sean or anyone else at Kombo. None of them wanted this. If you have to blame something, blame the economy.

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This is not quite the same thing as the Virtual Boy. The VB was a headset that you looked into to see the game -- there was no TV involved. This wouldn't be as extreme as the Virtual Boy. I'd imagine that if the PS4 supported 3D HDTV, you could still play PS4 games even without 3D glasses. The 3D would just be an extra special effect.

If I understand the technology correctly, not only do you need the 3D glasses; you also need a special HDTV that can output in the 3D signal. Considering the slow consumer adoption rate of regular HDTVs, I don't expect many to buy into 3D HDTV very quickly. Without consumers falling in love with and buying 3D HDTVs, it would be impossible for PS4 to mimic the Wii's success just because of 3D support. Remember: no 3D HDTV means no 3D effect for you.

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I am fine with this as long as it remains an option. Why not? There are a lot of inexperienced gamers who have to give up on a game because they get stuck, and that's no fun. Hopefully, this is an option that can be enabled/disabled at any point while playing, rather than a difficult setting-esque choice made at the beginning of the game.

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I disagree with the beginning of the story, David. The first Tomb Raider was actually a solid adventure game. Was it amazing? Hardly. But still mostly good, I'd say.

As for where the series stands now? Meh. I think it's time to get Lara a serious rest. Nobody cares about Tomb Raider at this point -- regardless of how good or bad it might be.

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This isn't the first time that Sony has released a chart like this.

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Hype kills, if you know what I mean.

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That's awesome.

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I still don't understand why it's coming to North America dead last.

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Just how to make typos. Fixed. :)

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I learned the hard way, but don't bother using your Game Q. If you have older games in your Q, they'll send you those before they send new releases.