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PTC Scrutiny


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Just a couple of words which Google Translate didn't translate at all. Apart from that everything was smooth.

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Oops... got confused with the translation :x
Anyways I hope my vote is registered. If not, then let me know and I will vote again correctly.

2 weeks ago @ Ganha Dinheiro na Net - Vota no melhor site PT... · 4 replies · +1 points

I've participated in this yearly poll for the first time.
Nicely done. Keep it up!
My recent post Fixed Ads now available for purchase on WordLinx

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Twickerz - I don't use it. Have heard that they have collaborated with GoldenClix which is paying selectively and censoring forum posts and banning members unfairly.

Ayuwage - I don't use it.

BuxP - established site, but the reason I do not use them is because they show adult ads. Worst part is that it is enabled by default and you have to manually disable it.

Bucks247 - A Buxhost site. Sorry I am not interested in sites using that script.

Innocurrent - I don't use it

Legacyclix - Paying. I used to click on it but earnings were too low so I quit.

CashnHits - I use this site but every now and then they disable cashouts without notice.


As for NeoBux, it hasn't been proven that they use bots. Everyone has their own theory and I don't want to get into that because I simply don't rent.
I would suggest you stick to Direct Referrals. However, if you decide to rent, it is completely your choice. Renting is like gambling or throwing a dice. You never know what you will end up with.

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No thanks. I do not support plagiarism and that is exactly what you are advising.
I enjoy writing my own reviews and articles.

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Thanks for the update.
I'll make the change soon, probably tomorrow.

Edit : Done!

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Thanks. I have sent a ticket on PV.

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I have saved about $725 and the 64GB version is for about $800, so still around $75 to go. So I am very close :)
The bad news is I broke my tennis racquet last week. Had a very bad fall, sprained my ankle and the impact of the fall cracked the racquet frame :( My leg is fine but sadly the racquet cannot be repaired. A new one is going to put me back another $150 :(

I don't see any commission in my log from your share purchase. Neither in my PV balance nor MTV. Can you provide me a screenshot or the exact time from your account history log? Maybe it's a bug and the commission is missing so will need to contact Jo.

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MTV and PV has this 'debt swap' feature in case they run out of funds. So tell me if they aren't a ponzi then why should they ever run out of funds? A perfectly running business with "recurring revenue from the product portfolio" should never run out of funds, right?
And how on earth can you give 250% back in 3 to 12 months? Doesn't it fall under the "get rich quick" scheme?

Now lets get to PaidVerts. You spend $1 and get 50x$0.02 hits to your advertised link. So that $1 is completely spent to pay the ones clicking the advertisement.
Now you also get $1.55 worth of BAP along with your purchase. So where does this money come from?

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Last week I won a Golden Membership on AdPrize :)

In nearly 3 years and over 130,000 clicks on AdPrize, the biggest prize I won up until this was $5.
But that never made me loose hope or give up because I always believed in one thing - Every click can be a prize. If you don't click, you won't win. Simple.


Here are my stats so far.

● Ads clicked till date : 55,112
● Points from AdPrize : 6300


My AdPrize stats :
● AdPrize clicks earned : 132,517
● Missed : around 138 (not fully accurate though)
∴ Total AdPrizes clicked : 132,379


Prize List :


● On average I win an AdPrize once every 246 clicks.
● Average earnings per AdPrize click : $0.0015 (1 Point is taken as worth $0.003)

So on average, for every click I make on AdPrize, I am earning equivalent to 1.5 Micro exposure ads.
And I also have over 28,000 Points in my account, so it is safe to say my Golden membership does not need renewal until 2017.

So best of luck to all and keep clicking and winning.
And always remember one thing - Every click can be a prize! ;)