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3 weeks ago @ PTC Scrutiny - PAID · 0 replies · +1 points

I would suggest you also read these topics on the NeoBux forum.

3 weeks ago @ PTC Scrutiny - Filing a Dispute on Payza · 0 replies · +1 points

Once your dispute has been filed, please allow the seller up to 7 days to reply. The seller will contact you within 7 days and respond to your message to resolve this issue.

Once you have a response, it is your responsibility to reply to the seller. If you do not respond to the seller within 7 days, Payza will assume that you have resolved the issue with the seller and Payza will close this dispute.

If after 15 days of communication the dispute is not resolved, a Resolutions Specialist may intervene to facilitate a resolution.

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It would depend on your definition of "king of PTC websites"?

5 weeks ago @ PTC Scrutiny - LogiPTC · 0 replies · +1 points

Same here!
I was about to post a comment and you managed to post it about 10 seconds earlier ;)

Like I said earlier this site has a history of delayed payments but they do eventually pay.

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My winnings kind of fluctuate. One month I win a lot while on another I hardly win anything.
However, I do make sure I click on all available AdPrizes. So far I've clicked more than 186,000 times on AdPrize and below is my AdPrize history log.

$0.25 Main Balance 93 10 Points 447
$0.50 Main Balance 58 100 Points 32
$1.00 Main Balance 22 1000 Points 0
$2.00 Main Balance 5 10000 Points 0
$5.00 Main Balance 4
$10.00 Main Balance 0 Golden Membership 1
$25.00 Main Balance 0
$50.00 Main Balance 0

Points 479 7670

Main Balance 182 $104.25

Golden Membership 1 $90.00

Total: 662 $217.26

This is my AdPrize wins from last month.

5 weeks ago @ PTC Scrutiny - LittleBux · 0 replies · +1 points

I too have some great expectations from this site. I am actually surprised I haven't seen this site being widely advertised. The first time I heard of this site (and the reason I signed up) was when you wrote about it on your blog.

5 weeks ago @ PTC Scrutiny - LogiPTC · 0 replies · +1 points

Yes, there are many others including me who are waiting for their payments. Being an established site (with a history of occasional delayed payments), I am giving this one a little leeway. Let's wait for another 7-10 days. If things stay as they are, I will re-evaluate the site's status.

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I reached the cashout limit but unfortunately I cannot request another cashout until my pending cashout is cleared.

5 weeks ago @ PTC Scrutiny - LogiPTC · 0 replies · +1 points

I am waiting for my payment since December 12, 2015. That makes it 22 days for me.
I even sent them a mail on December 17th and have not heard from them.

I just hope it's one of those dormant periods they usually have. Would hate to see this site turn scam.

6 weeks ago @ PTC Scrutiny - LogiPTC · 2 replies · +1 points

I too have been waiting for my payment since December 12th.
From my past experience with this site, there have been times when the owner is kind of dormant for a few weeks. So for now I wouldn't be very worried. Customer support is one thing this site really lacks and they have done nothing to improve it.