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2 days ago @ PTC Scrutiny - PaidVerts · 2 replies · +2 points

I will keep it short as I have to catch a train in half an hour.
I must say that this is an absolutely hopeless idea and if they do implement such a thing, I am done with this site. I will no longer click those BAP ads and will only rely on referral earnings. As it is there is hardly any potential for free members unless they invest money so that they can earn money. This move will make it even more difficult, making it like slavery where you click multiple ads to accumulate a small amount of BAP and then start clicking ads for $0.0005 to convert those BAP into real money. Then there are cashout fees after that =/
If they only want investors, then might as well stick to MTV. PaidVerts should remain a PTC, not a mixture of a revenue share and a ponzi.

* I won't be around for the next few days so don't expect a reply from me soon.

5 days ago @ PTC Scrutiny - GetBuxToday · 0 replies · +1 points

You can contact them on their Facebook page -

I remember having a similar problem where my account was deleted all of a sudden. Initially I got the same message like yours, and then after a couple of days, my account was deleted.
On contacting them, they said it might be some script error and there is no trace or record of my old account. They did allow me to register a new account but I couldn't use the old username since the registration form just wouldn't accept it so the script/database did indeed have some past record from my old account otherwise I could have registered again with the same username :|

Try contacting them on Facebook and maybe they can have a look at your account.

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Completed yet another milestone and got 200,000 BAP as a bonus :)

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I agree and understand your situation. It does hurt when you loose BAP for no fault of yours.
The other day my internet was down for 36 hours and when I checked my points log, I saw I missed out on ads worth $1.90 :(

I do hope Jo compensates you and all others who lost BAP due to the downtime.

1 week ago @ PTC Scrutiny - GetBuxToday · 1 reply · +1 points

Yes, they do pay. The admin of this site is a pretty well known guy in the Traffic Exchange world.
So far, they haven't had any issues with payments.

1 week ago @ PTC Scrutiny - ESTABLISHED SITES · 0 replies · +1 points

We are not affiliated to any PTC site so don't jump to false conclusions. Looks like you are a Probux fanboy. Enjoy Probux while it lasts but don't come back saying you weren't warned. Stay safe and don't be scammed.

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I have been asked this question so many times, and the answer is always the same.
Probux is a scam run by the same notorious team who ran Upbux and Onbux in the past. Lies, lies and only lies.
After seeing how they scammed with those 2 sites, I won't trust them with a single penny.
Enjoy it while it lasts because a lot of people will loose a lot of money when they do decide to run away.

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Yes, you can rent referrals on GetBuxToday but I definitely won't recommend it. You are guaranteed to make a loss by renting referrals. It costs $0.25 to rent a referral for 30 days and the average earnings per day for a Standard member is $0.005
Free members earn $0.0006 per referral click so even if your rented referral clicks daily, you will end up earning just 1.8 cents at the end of the month. Meaning a loss of 23.2 cents per referral, per month (that is when the referral clicks ads everyday single day).

2 weeks ago @ PTC Scrutiny - PAID · 0 replies · +1 points

Yes, I will move it to Not Recommended List in the coming days. Just don't have time right now.