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The iPhone 6 was released here in India on October 17th. Its over-priced here too by about 25% for the lower models and up to 30% for the higher ones.

Model --------------------- US Price (including taxes) --------- India Price (including taxes)
6 (16Gb ----------------------- $688 ------------------------------------- Rs. 53,500 ($873)
6 (64Gb ----------------------- $794 ------------------------------------ Rs. 62,500 ($1020)
6 (128Gb ----------------------- $900 ------------------------------------ Rs. 71,500 ($1167)

6 Plus (16Gb ------------------- $794 ------------------------------------ Rs. 62,500 ($1020)
6 Plus (64Gb ------------------- $900 ------------------------------------ Rs. 71,500 ($1167)
6 Plus (128Gb ----------------- $1006 ------------------------------------ Rs. 80,500 ($1314)

I too am going to get it imported from US just like my last phone. The only problem would be that the iPhone does not not have an international warranty. The warranty is only covered in the country where the iPhone was purchased. But considering its reliability I am willing to take that risk. My iPhone 4S has never had any issue so far in over 2½ years.
And even if it does have any issues, the local vendors repair it for ⅓ the price Apple charges.
Recently my Aunt dropped her iPad mini and cracked its screen. Apple was asking for Rs.15000 for a replacement screen while a local vendor did for just Rs.5000

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I don't want to give up that easily. I am looking for something more safer which does involve purchasing something like a DDoS protection as the cost would be just too much. I still have time to decide on this so lets see.

You are looking for the Plus version, the one that reportedly bends ;) When are you planning to buy it?
I am planning to buy the 64 GB version (costs about $800) by Christmas but let see if I can save enough money by then. My last phone (iPhone 4S) was also from my PTC earnings, largely from PTCBox and I want this one financed from my online earnings too.

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My blog was recently hacked and injected with some malicious files. As a result my host blocked my website until I cleaned it up all. I restored the infected files from a backup and now the site is running fine but that resulted in a few comments from the recent past to be lost.
I am seriously pondering if I will continue with this blog once my subscription expires next year. My blog might probably end up the having the same fate as klickjobs' and PTCI's.

As for those BAP converted into shares, right now I am not considering to buy anymore ads to increase my BAP. I am saving money to buy the new iPhone 6 so re-investing is not an option right now.
So I am going to consume my BAP till it drops below 10,000. Although I have only 3 active referrals (including you), my daily earnings are around $2-$3 so I am very satisfied with what I am making.

Thanks for all the explanation about the debt swap. I wasn't aware of all that at all.

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Sorry if some comments were deleted. I had to restore many items from a past backup and that resulted in a few comments being lost.
I apologize for that.

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Your case is a clear violation of TOS 2.8 which states : Only one account per computer is allowed to view advertisements. If more than one account in a single computer view advertisements, all of those accounts will be permanently suspended.

If your referrals or any other person logged into their NeoBux account from your computer, its fine till there.
But, if they clicked even a single ad, then ALL accounts which were accessed on your computer will be suspended.
I am not the Admin of NeoBux so I cannot do anything. Try to send an email to the following emails and see if you get a response.

Another option is to create another account but DO NOT click any ads from it. Use the new account to send a support ticket regarding the suspension of your old NeoBux account and wait for a reply. If you manage to have Live Support online, enquire with them too.

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Just 14,000 members in 1 year is not really exciting :|

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Yes, its due.
I'll update it in the third week of September.

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That's exactly what I though it would be since its clearly says "What is the minimum value paid ads you'd like to receive? "
So if I select $0.009, I will receive $0.009 and above.

Anyways not a problem because sometimes these site Admins can make mistakes. So better to be safe :)
Haven't got a $0.009 ad so far since using this site. I do remember getting an ad which paid $0.076 but never $0.009.

I am happy the Ad Filter is working good for me. I am getting only around 8-10 ads which is much better than getting 40 x $0.001 ads which I never used to click.

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Even I got the login error earlier in the morning. Thankfully, nothing was lost.

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Connections is sort of a friend list. You can send messages to your connections just like you would do through a PM (personal messaging).