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PTC Investigations


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Nice win! Congrats.

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If anyone is following the feed(s)... There is an important update in regards to the sites being down. For more information please read here:

(just in case the site above is down)

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This was already explained above in the review. Once again.... You can use points to recycle, extend rentals. Buy golden upgrades, or to increase direct referral limit.

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And once again, did you even bother to contact them? You do realize this is the same admin of ClixSense? So no, they not just send payment to me.

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No not yet. I can't say why they restricted you. That is a question you need to ask them.

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What does it say above you? o.0

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That is because it is disabled. Doesn't matter. Not like there will be payment proofs. The guy doesn't pay.

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Big customer or not, they should be answering, but that has not always been their strong suit.

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You need to contact them and ask them. But if you get too much poor traffic your earnings will be low.

"We might not have enough advertisers that pass your filters and agree to pay you, sorry. That probably means our traffic is undervalued, so you could benefit from it if you become an advertiser ;) "

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It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year if not more. It all depends on the site. We got owners opening new sites and then opening more before their first site turns a year old. So those sites will take ages to make it to the Legit List since many site owners open new sites to pay off old debt for the old ones.

With this site I would say it is looking likely they will be added to the Legit List here soon. All their other sites are either traffic exchanges or some other service that doesn't have to do with PTCs. So I am not really worried about them being a big network since they are not opening PTC back to back.

But being on the Legit List shouldn't mean it is ok to start investing on these sites. You ought to test these sites for yourself over time before you make that decision.