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PTC Investigations


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PTCCentral does a pretty good job. But I still report scams on my facebook, google + , twitter and through newsletters for those who subscribe to it.. Also the social media warnings sometimes makes it to the google searches ;)

I also work on BuxWiki, and other sites. I will continue to use my old facebook and other social media to warn about the bad ones and just work on other sites as a writer. I just bring too much heat when I write about scams. :D

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Not a ponzi huh?

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That and a Lamborghini before the year is out. :p A waste of money, all just to show off. He is constantly talking about making cuts and ways to fatten his own wallet from this scheme. The cashout fees are outrageous now. And his loyal members constantly talk about how he is swimming in money, but he has to nickel and dime people at cashout. What a joke!

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According to Richard, they have totally blocked them. So I don't see how paypal released anything. They don't do that when an account is frozen.

As of today:
"PayPal wont have any news until March 10th when they pull their head out of the sand and actually bother to review our account.

Right now they've just pulled the plug, as some twisted test no doubt. See if we die I guess, and get loads of chargebacks. If not, I guess we'll get the account back next month, after some more arguing."

So either they sent one from another account or someone faked it. Easy to do with html editor in DevTools. Show me where the proof is and I can look it up.

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Yeah it seems they are saying it is the users fault, not the site.

"*regarding some missing Payza cashouts which there's been an increase of last week - they show as paid but not delivered to the user, the issue is in most cases that you entered the wrong payza email or have some sort of limits on your account, that's why the cashout isn't sent. Whatever the case is submit a ticket and wait for the answer."

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Yes I have. Twice already with bitcoins. Faster than what he did with paypal :$

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Yeah I saw that too. Notice how fast now these swaps are coming?

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I think he enabled the option now to move funds out of paypal balance to other payment processors. I just moved my last pending payment out of paypal to bitcoin. ;)

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Well at least we know what his plans are with everyone's money.

A Lambourghini? Oh Really?

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I am so sick of this rumor. Today from Richard/Jo

"PayPal is apparently no longer accepting Paid To Click advertisement websites. NeoBux and Clixsense will also be losing their PayPal accounts also in the coming days."

Yeah I have heard this before. This has been said for years now. Still waiting for ClixSense, NeoBux, BuxP, WordLinx, and many more to lose their paypal account. lol... NO it is not that they are not accepting PTC sites, they are not accepting sites from ponzis and frauds. PERIOD.