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Got any proof?........communist always lie.

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I'm not so sure this clown was in college since all his records are under legal restraint....what was his GPA?

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Bric's is doing all the right things in order to challenge the IMF and the US for currency supremacy, they stand a good chance of succeeding.....

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The US is a very slow economic recovery cycle, the government is printing money in excess and the market is up but as fluid as the world economy is and the saber rattling taking place the risk are high for loss. You cannot sit by and wait to long to get in position to make a profit, time is valuable and if things get better then you are ahead. All of us are worried about the ineptness of this present administration and it's consistent use of bad policy in so many areas and the ignoring of the private sector but good business will persist in spite of the bumbling actions of this administration.....

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We have allowed our schools to become substandard, the subject matter excludes the teachings of the Constitution, Civics and American History and Government, we instead teach moral duplicity and use revisionism to corrupt institutional works, we are now more in line with PC and hippism or let the good time roll.

The news is a great teacher in so many ways, it tells on society and shows just how foolish and lackadazical we now are, it diminishes the ability to form common bonds and comunicate in a reasonable manner, instead we let political ideology interfere because school administration is a government protected society and assisted by corrupt unions that steal away the representation needed to make the proper change and return to a reasonable norm of decent education.....

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Fer cry'n out loud you have to ask, these dip wads can't investigate a multiple murder without being yelled at..?

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I am hoping the SOPFOR's will make the Fraud in the WH give it up, explain himself and push his buttons, they will get support and money and have reason enough to expose him......

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The BC may be a subject of light indifference with the Fraud in the WH but to millions it is of deadly import, now there is another revelation, a Columbia U student ID card with the Frauds name and picture and the words" FOREIGN STUDENT" under that picture........dead fish stink but this smells worse.

I PLAN ON VOTING FOR THE AMERICAN.....Real credentials, integrity and ethic...

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The Fraud in the WH now has more to answer for, his Columbia stuent body badge has now been revealed and it states quite plainly the words Foreign Student under his picture. He claims to be born in Kenya in his book bio over a 16 year period and again by his own words, makes claim to be born in two different hospitals in Hi., now you just know you cannot have it three ways. There is money expended in a large amount, dealings with syrians, iraquis and pakastanis, a travel pass port that needs explaining, a wedding ring prior to his marriage to Moochel, ID, SS#, you name it and this legal restraint girlyboy is a factual unknown and owes the taxpayers a lot of answers.......NOW is the time for valid answers other wise he is not a legal candidate again.....