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Good to know that one of the few rare films that were made in Hollywood, with Asian actors portraying asian characters, is now regarded as a treasure.

If only Bruce Lee was picked for Kung Fu. That would have been the greatest feat.

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Last information I had was that tapwater is checked daily, whilst mineral waters annually.

M.Waters could also have been in a plastic bottle for a few years. No sell by date, but does not inspire confidence.

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We'll find out eventually.

Should be interesting.

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What next? They'll patent the word google and googleplex?

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Why do they need to do a reboot of Predator?

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Noah Ringer looked clumsy. His Martial art is supposed to be Baguazahng. I saw no Bagua.
at 0:49 He stumbled on his Jedi Robe. Or is that robe from The Village?

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I've heard about Yvonne Ridley, but never read her book. Will have to check it out.
I've never read of Joanie de Rijke's story.

From what I can see, they have both ended up with Stockholm Syndrome. I wonder, if they've met each other?

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That would be interesting if they bring it into law. Apart from the normal run of the mill Parlimentarian, how long would the likes of Griffin last?

Please bring it on.

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I'd say, go for an election now.

The Western world prides itself on democracy. Bush managed to steal one election and nothing was done.

We have Brown who refuses to go the electorate.

In Iran, they're now rioting on the streets due to a stone election.

Perhaps the same should happen here.

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I'd vote for Nathan Fillion.

Especially after watching the fanmade trailer. He should play a superhero.

David Boreanaz was already Angel. I can see him as a new Crow.