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Such poetic words, thank you!

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Definitely an interesting point there! How do we ensure the survival of the people and their traditions, without causing too much interference? I dont have an answer, but I believe that we as travelers can begin by having the right attitudes and mindset. I have met travelers who visit these tribes with the idea of educating them about their own way of life and showing them what is better. I find that disturbing and really wish we as visitors can be more humble and approach them with simply the desire to learn about them.

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Dennis thank you for your kind words! I definitely understand what you are saying. Many of these tribes are slowly losing their traditions and heritage due to modernization and development. It is extremely sad to see the younger generation who would rather abandon their traditional way of life to move to the city for a better future. That is where tourism comes into play. It may be quite upsetting to see some of these tribal folks welcoming tourists into their villages and even putting up a show for them - but at the same time, I think tourism is helping them to sustain them and also teach them the importance of keeping their traditions. Sometimes it can be a double-edged sword but ultimately I wish the best for these people.

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It was just outside of the Chiang Mai walls. Definitely good value for money!

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Thanks Sam! Brazil definitely has some positive, happy vibes. I was really happy being there for Carnaval, hope you get there soon!

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Aww thank you Kristy! I love having you around. ;) Email me sometime! Glad you like my write-ups!

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Claro que si! Es raro que casi nunca escribo sobre Granada, ya es la hora!

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We are so lucky to have supporters like you! Thank you for hanging around and please keep reading - we will never stop sharing our experiences on the road here. ;)

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Wow it\'s exciting to hear that you\'re going to trek the Annapurna Circuit in November - it is going to be epic! Our trek was really short, so I cant say how strenous yours is going to be. It was perfect for me - not too strenuous and challenging - but now I definitely want to return and do a longer trek. The teahouses we went to (with G Adventures) were pretty comfortable and we even had proper beds to sleep on with blankets. But I\'d advise bringing your own sleeping bag still as most didn\'t have clean sheets and the blankets may not be enough for the cold. None of the teahouses have WiFi so I don\'t think it\'s worth bringing your laptop. I had to bring mine since I was working on the road, but I left it in Pokhara and just packed a small bag for the trek. Good luck and have fun!

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Yes I was just going to write about that! I visited Bhutan a few months ago and I was definitely blown away by the interesting government policies they have. It\'s definitely uplifting to see a country with such a refreshing approach to life.