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@Foli - The link to the full report is provided in the post.

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See current positions here: http://www.google.com/jobs/africa/

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The use of blackberry as an example is basically to show how the market penetration for such devices is quite low.

That said, it doesn\'t rule out the fact that it can\'t become the highest selling smartphone in Nigeria.

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It's sad, but I'm glad the break won't be for long.

By the way, since, quoting you: "Corporate IT doesn’t really have a local voice serving its needs in Nigeria in the way that TechRepublic, Eweek, CIO Magazine and the rest serve Western and global business IT", perhaps your comeback will focus on this?

On writing for people, I'd be pleased to have you as a guest blogger, and if you do decide to comeback, I'd lend my support too:)

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Another incisive post, Dejo!

My thoughts: Google Adsense is like a 'take home pay' that doesn't take us home. It'd be nice to explore some disruptive revenue models that would match our level of development.

As per Google's ad revenues per country, perhaps a little math might help. The link below (via ReadWriteWeb) provides a rough estimate that shows that Google makes $1 per internet user each month. See link: http://yrn.me/2upe7

If that's the case, I guess it's safe to say Google makes about $24 million monthly from Nigeria?

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Hi Dika,

Thanks for taking the time to respond here and also clearing up the air about the Newshunt service. I've updated the post.

Will be in touch so we can schedule an official interview.

Cheers, Loy

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Noted. Will make out time to visit. If you can inbox me some photos too, that'll be cool.

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Ray - Thanks for dropping by. Read your post. How sad:( Glad you learned a very critical lesson from this experience - \"launching on a good business model.\"

Watch out for my series of posts about how to build online and mobile startups using effective business models.


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@Toyin - You can follow me @loyokezie or @startupsnigeria on Twitter to get your \'invite code\'.