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Sharpton, Pitts, and Jackson - The "Stirring Sticks of Hate." Blind to the consequences and effects of their words, their shallow, mean, and bitter preaching prevents peace and healing, opening and re-opening painful scabs. I especially resent the attachment of anything like "Reverend" to two of them. It takes every bit of the good teaching I have had not to return their hate.

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C'mon Raz, you're ignoring some bits of history. Like the British, Aussies, much of Europe, and, especially Hillary Clinton and almost all of the Democrats, were gung ho for invasion. You might accuse Bush of being an idiot, a swaggering Texan, or going to war just for some selfish ambition, while not giving him credit for fooling most of the world against a tyrant who daily threatened to use WMD's as he had already done to the Kurds. Omitting important facts makes you look like you have some unreasonable prejudice against G.W. But considering this media in which you write, I reckon you won't catch much static. Some day, somehow, the truth of the reason for that mission might be better known. For a little insight, I suggest you speak awhile with some Kurds.

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I almost always agree with Charles K, and I never agree with you, justMe - but that's funny, and, I think, profound. Well said, good point, true, and just plain funny.

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We don't want modest changes. We need real changes. Who said anything about modest? Let's at least eliminate the double tax, and if not that, let's reduce the rate to 20%. That will move the economy, bring back some of those who have moved, and retain those who are planning to move - and boost new hires and increases in pay.

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Got evidence, or just hearsay? If you were a police officer in the inner city, would you be brutal?

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It's a shame we don't have half the facts about this case yet, and Pitts jumps in with racist talk. But he and Sharpton et al feed on this. I guess it's our fault for letting them spew their venom. My vote would be to eliminate his column from all good newspapers, because he's a shallow hatred baiter. I for one wish they'd be quiet until we know a little of what really happened. I suspect we'll find the young man was on something, not restrainable, and a real threat to the officer. But wait ... I have to be patient.

P.S. Someone please explain to me why important autopsy results require labs to take weeks to produce findings. In our little farm town, we got full reports in three days; that was fifty years ago.

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Build a better park and the people will come. Restrict growth, plan well, protect and preserve the beauty God already provided in the Flatirons and recreational opportunities and low humidity - and the formula = growth. Good luck stoppin' it. (But I agree it almost never decreases taxes for the home folks to increase property tax revenue adding new neighborhoods.)

It is interesting to note Boulder votes 90% Democrat -but wants to exclude low income housing and government-assisted opportunities. What a bunch of hypocrites. I say again, what a bunch of hypocrites.

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Great report, as always. Have fun in AK - lookin' forward to a report of THAT trip too.

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Do you feel that way about King Soopers? How 'bout J C Penney? And The Daily Camera? And your car dealer? 7-11? And Discount Tire? And the farmer growing your sweet corn and peaches and tomatoes? Your local dairy? And the solar panel manufacturer? And Google? And your pharmacist? And your ski slope owners? And your airline? How do you feel about McGuckin's? How about Mike's Camera? IHOP? Have you eaten at Snooze? Ever want to afford St Julien? The Broadmoor? IBM? Ball? Ever catch a performance at Red Rocks? Ice cream on the mall? It seems to me you have a great number of folks you don't trust. How do you get up every morning? Do you trust your weatherman? How can you possibly eat packaged eggs and bacon and toast? All these folks depend on profits, and do everything they can to increase those profits, especially by giving consumers what they want.

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How many employees will be hired, and how much in bonuses will be paid, by a company that is taxed and regulated to the point it goes out of business? Nobody suggests that every dollar in profit will be paid to employees - but given a choice for whom I will work, give me the successful company.