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Some will, some before making their production break-even goal, and some will last decades and make great profits.

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Too many reasons not to support Obama, McBuffs, but a couple easy ones:
1) $17+ trillion debt,
2) More American soldiers killed in Afghanistan under Obama than Bush. Pullout from Iraq was already set ere Obama took office,
3)Unemployment rate has never been so high for so long. Including those no longer looking for work over 12%,
4)Russia, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Ukraine, Iraq, Taliban, Libya
5)What in the world has Obama done to decrease abortions?
6)New immigrations down due to poor economy,
7) U.S. corporations boast the highest tax rate in the world,
8) Keystone pipeline,
9)Obamacare, lies, executive orders changing effective dates, exemptions to unions, etc.,
10) IRS
11) Benghazi
12) Lies, lies, and more lies, taking the Fifth,
13) Golf
14) Market up due to the Fed. Watch what happens when they quit buying.
15) Higher inequality of income, most ever, by far, on welfare and food stamps,
16) Huge increase in Medicaid.
17) Social Security and Medicare going broke.
There are more if you want some more.

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You're correct, and right. And they do, thru zoning, permit processing, etc. The trouble is when locales change existing rules and regulations and zoning retroactively, thus trapping some with invested capital from which there can be no return. This is not so simple as anyone would like. Suppose, for example, the voters decided auto dealerships were ugly and banned their use of lighting or even their existence? Or suppose the voters decided to add to the number of required parking spaces a business must provide. And we could go on, couldn't we, taking some "unfair" actions against businesses? Businesses must have rights too.

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"Unfunded" is a definition of ALL gubmit spending. At least G.W. saw we needed some limit, adding the donut hole, which Obama filled with Obamacare. I don't recall you, or anyone, complaining about that. I've heard Obama point to Bush's excess spending on 'D' and forgetting to mention that fact. What a hypocrite. Obama has made Bush look like a spending beginner.
BTW, the greatest contributor to the debt while G.W. was president was the failure of gubmit backed mortgages, engineered in large part by Barney Frank. I haven't heard much about him lately.

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"people whose identities have become so entrenched in past grievance that they can't or won't see that they have become what they loathed."

Thank you, Ms Parker

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I have faults aplenty. But I live honestly and sincerely. There is no way I can share important points of view here or in any other forum without referring to my Lord Jesus. To ignore him would be as silly as pretending I'm a liberal Dem. Of course He has an influence over my writing. You who have taken as a rule "no mention of religion or politics discussed here" are not after the learning experience I seek and share. I doubt the Intense Debate folks will mind too much, since the skeptic side is so well represented here.

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Ah, now we're getting somewhere - -5 thumbs. Restless natives.

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It would be easier to get excited about the health issues raised above if the writer could give one example of someone made sick by fracking. Thousands of wells have been drilled, some without all the current requirements for safety, but there are no cases of sickness. With regard to the "cumulative impact," wells drilled fifty years ago still operate in the back yards of my relatives back in the Midwest. Heck, without oil well leases there would be no wildlife left, because all the cover would otherwise have been replaced with corn grown for ethanol, another misguided gubmit idea.
Thousands of oil company employees are being paid good wages.
Locales are fighting over the millions and millions of Colorado and County taxes paid by oil companies.
America needs oil and gas, for our own economy plus our national defense, at least until we find substitutes. That fact makes this a NIMBY issue.
Regarding the oil companies spending money defending fracking - if my living was made and my cash was invested in widgets, and a town was about to ban the sale of widgets, I would spend my money defending widgets. Does anyone really think this spending is a surprise? Or wrong?

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Gubmit has gained some (at least temporarily) control over our health, and the clamor is there for (single payer) more.
Gubmit has spent us into unimaginable debt with not even a proposal to pay it down in the next ten years.
Now gubmit wants to make a (no net tax, just tax and spend equally, mind you) a huge move toward control over our source of heat and transportation, all to reduce carbon produced by one of the cleanest countries in the world, without gaining cooperation from the major polluters. People who have watched our highway taxes disappear without much highway construction, who have watched and listened as our current administration lies with no shame, who know our Social Security and Medicare trusts will soon be broke, and who have gasped at the notion that our annual interest expense alone would have run our whole gubmit not many years ago will surely stop this notion of a carbon tax. Won't we? God help us.

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Gosh, and here I was thinking it was un-American to flush our grandkids' future. My folks made sacrifices so my brothers, sisters and I could have a good chance at prosperous, happy lives, relatively unburdened with past-due bills.