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The worst part of 'O's admin is that the worst part is yet to come. He has deferred the part of Obamacare which has its worst effect (the employer mandate,) he has managed to avoid conversations about the debt (and crowed about how he has reduced the deficit, though it's still a deficit, adding to the debt, and forecasts for future deficits are not good,) and the threat of Iran with a nuclear weapon is real, ISIS grows, Putin is p'o'd and flexing his muscles in our face, we have distanced ourselves from our former good alliance with Israel, the folks who are in abject poverty continue to be a long reach from others who are making their bill payments, and our country goes leaderless in the practice of constitutional law.

If I were the perfect candidate for the next President, even if I had the House and Senate behind me, I would be frightened about my prospects of overcoming this terrible tide of nonsense which nobody seems to have the guts to face. And the worst of all worries is that folks who vote don't want to hear the awful truths mentioned above. So candidates can't tell what they know to be the truth, lest they have no hope of election. God help us.

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Been there, or just sposin? Rest assured, there's no hint of cult there. Give 'em a try.

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P.S. What does it say about a neighborhood when a neighbor turns to authorities against his neighbor? While I couldn't afford to live there, I'm not sure I'd want to, despite the physical beauty of the place.

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No doubt there is some wisdom in Mr. Sheets' LTE. There is also some wisdom in letting others run our healthcare, our religions, our employers and businesses, our private defenses ( including guns,) our distribution of wealth to the less fortunate, our education, our safety, the food we eat and the farmers who produce it, our use of natural resources, our access to land, our rights to condemn private property, our rights to preserve and defend our flag and other symbols of what they (once) represented, innumerable local rights and individual choices aka freedom and liberty.

Yes, we need oversight and help in many facets of living. But I wish we would tend more toward counting on our own personal hard work and help of our next-door neighbors rather than some appointed overseer. This little episode of the shed points to the great sacrifice we make when we let someone else become our conscience and take responsibility for our lives. In the current "give and take", I think we're moving the wrong direction, away from the best the USA has (had) to offer.

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Erika has been predictably honest about her left-wing liberal points of view, to be expected from a Boulderite. I rather suspected this fact too - she is not a farm girl.

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Take a note. Your leading candidates to replace 'O' are Hillary and Joe. I personally wouldn't describe them as "fresh" or "inspiring." Do you? Just sayin'.

P.S. Obama' WAS fresh. Now not so much.

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Please advise, so I can be a modern man, what has changed about right vs wrong since 1955, or, for that matter, 1855, or 155.

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They who oppose abortion lost a war of words. If an appropriate description is "pro-life," the natural description for the other side should be "pro-death" or "pro-abortion." But that terminology would raise Cain.

I never met anyone who is against a woman having a free choice. The arguments I hear against abortion involve not wanting to support that act with one's personal funds or via support in our schools or other public organizations like Planned Parenthood. But Warren Hern won't win any points without unfairly accusing his opponents of meddling in others' lives, making them out to be anti-freedom and personal liberty.

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I am a Christian and politically conservative, a member of the Tea Party. And I am not in favor of interfering in anyone's right to determine anyone else's choice in this matter of death. Why do you insist on passing around labels and descriptions of folks just because they don't agree with you? You need to get out more and discuss some issues with some of the folks you're judging as so ignorant and narrow.

BTW, despite all the thumbs up for Boulder1972's comment before his last, with which I find no fault, the issue is, unfortunately, not as simple as just allowing folks to do as they like. I have some M.D. friends who don't want the authority to take a life - it's just not in their training and makeup to do so. Without the help of family and/or medical personnel, taking one's life is often quite difficult. Writing legislation, or bringing such matters to a vote in public elections, hasn't happened for a reason - because wise, thoughtful folks understand just how personal and unique is each case. It's not ignorance and narrow-minded opposition which stands in the way of "progress."

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Dionne has clearly come to bottom of his list of issues which could help his fellow lib's in this election. He first denies, and then in the same breath confirms, the Dem's raise the issue and would gain support should the Rep's start the process of impeachment.