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Not all Fox reporters lean right - my conservative favorites are Dana Perino, Brit Hume, Ben Carson (temp on leave to campaign,) Ed Henry, Bret Baier, Charles Krauthammer, Chris Wallace, George Will, Megyn Kelly, and Charles Payne. Their reporting is outstanding; several of them have worked for other agencies but have graduated to Fox News. Having observed their professional dedication to the truth for several years makes it most difficult to use other news media.

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Actually, justMe, it was your "one-sided" name-calling, "all con's are the same" to which I was objecting. Now that you have admitted Obamacare is a mess, and the 529 tax change won't work I can see you aren't completely lost. But asking me to come off my opinion that Obama has sold the U.S. out of our leadership position, that his policies have ruled and ruined the MiddleEast to the point where the House had to make diplomacy with Israel, and that it was B.O.'s stimulus plans that were the greatest cause of trillions added to our debt is not compromise. It's denial.

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Without regard to all your whining, what do you think of Obama's proposal to eliminate the estate asset basis step-up, increase in capital gains tax rates, raid 529 plans, Obamacare, and the continuing "negotiations" with Iran, and the $18 trillion in debt, and the mess in Yemen and the Middle-East in general, and so on. How about trying to defend his policies and just forget the continual name-calling? Give it a try and you might come a little closer to comprehending why the Congress added Republicans in the last election.

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Forgive me if I worry more about the collapse of black urban culture, almost certain increased armed conflicts in the Middle-East, $18 trillion in debt, and the possibility some misguided folks want to impose a carbon tax than I do about global warming. If we continue with politics as usual, we'll be lucky to be comfortably around in ten years.

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I don't blame Clay for this, because he's part of the media. But he left out an important point. Has anyone else noted the great contributions our military have made in the form of building new schools and promotion of education generally, adding infrastructure, medical services, and other societal improvements? I'm grateful and proud of their professional training to help the folks "over there." Maybe some of these acts of kindness will produce long-term progress in our relationships around the world. I hope and pray so.

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Clay,__While you are almost certainly correct in some of your judgmental evaluations, the fact remains that thousands have unselfishly chosen to be in harm's way for you and me and their comrades. The general public's appreciation for our men and women who have served has, thankfully, turned a great deal to their favor. I remember when Vietnam Vet's were scorned - despite the fact they were drafted. If you consider the effect of your challenges to what might have been reports biased towards heroism, you will surely stop your kind of reporting. The general tenor of sacrificial service by Americans past and present demands our support and appreciation. I'm sure you wish we hadn't gone overseas for neocon conflicts - that's a political position you can defend. But demeaning our heroes does not accomplish any good effect. If you must object, rail on the politicians. Our service men and women have had and deserve our full support

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This is a great example of government run amuck. So what ... are we trying to emulate Boulder? Have we, like our sister city, tossed common sense out in favor of the power of the few to run the masses? To some of us, this is a big deal. God help us.

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I am struck by someone who is simultaneously eloquent and clueless. He's certainly not the only liar in either party, but President Obama is by far the best. Even Nixon and Clinton could not reach such heights as Obama and his half-truth insinuations that sell folks like the San Jose Mercury News. Do those people get out much?

At the same time, I am impressed that the Republicans have finally left their shells and are acting on their own, without the approval of the Whitehouse, receiving Netanyahu. I was beginning to wonder if they were afraid of the administration.

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Too early to guess, but I think he'll be our candidate and his success or failure will depend more on what the new majority does than what he says.