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If our Congress brought a bill now, the Senate could never get it passed ere the recipients were all dead.

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Nobody ever suggested all spending was bad or all taxes are bad - but Obama has been a good example of wasteful spending (the stimulus) and awful taxation (the U.S. Corporate Tax Rate drives domestics overseas.)

There was nothing wasteful except Obama's allocation of resources. With Democrats in office something absolutely drastic had to be done to reduce the debt. But it's beginning to look as if Rep's will have some say in the near future. Now THEY can toe the line. We'll see.

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The Flatirons and the pedestrian mall and the relatively good weather, all appreciated by guests visiting from the East and Midwest.

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Democrat fearing wasteful spending? A pig just flew by my office window. Do you know your party has been in power the past six or so years and added debt to reach over $17 trillion?

(Your comment below re avoiding austerity is credible and more in line with what we would expect.)

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Yes - and you may be correct about the coffee; it WAS early. But I reckon the comment doesn't change.

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Who is Rush? Is he on the ballot? Which party?

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Yes, we absolutely do need to expose the connection between money and politics, but coming from the Dem's it's an idle threat. Dana knows that Democrats would be dead without the support of public unions, and Dem's have outspent Repub's on this election.

Dana proves his connection to the desparate few who continue to point to Obama's race as a negative when the facts point to his race as a positive factor in his election and re-election - of course racism isn't completely dead, but it's not as big a factor as the economy, world affairs, and the incompetency of the current administration.

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Review your comments and see if you don't agree they are full of personal attacks based on your opinion of the character of folks with whom you disagree. Don't you think you would accomplish more if you would defend agendas and policies of your beloved lefties?

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You may have missed the worst - $17+ trillion debt. The Dem's are bragging the deficits are going down. That's like saying they're shoveling less dirt on the grave of our economy.

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I'm grateful the two student groups could get together for this. They are apparently wiser than their counterparts in our House and Senate.

P.S. I must add, I'm happy there IS a College Republican group. Who could have guessed there were enough students on this campus to form a group? Outspoken conservative students surely risk life, limb, grades and reputation.