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If there is a vote on taxing fuel, I hope the folks who must make their living travelling long distances to/from work, who haul freight and packages, who use great quantities of fuel in production of necessities (like farmers) and otherwise depend on fuel to make a living will somehow have a heavy weight in the election. It is mainly they who will endure the cost, at least to the extent they can't pass increases on via higher prices. Sometimes the majority wins because they place sacrifices at the feet of the minority. Free elections aren't always the best cure for whatever's ailing, because they don't always produce fair outcomes.

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If Obama really cared about the U.S. and its trade position, he'd allow congress to cut our business tax rates to something closer to our competition around the world. He would also reduce the rate of tax on cash brought home from overseas profits. He would remove export bans on fuel, and permit leasing/development of more federal lands. He would also reduce by half new regulations adding ever more government control over businesses. Judging by his actions (forgetting his speeches,) a neutral observer might think Obama is anti-American business. I'm not neutral, of course, and I'd agree with such an observation.

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NO. Another major concern is who PAYS for abortions. We may allow others freedom to choose, but we should not be forced to pay for procedures we consider abhorrent.

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Could you please elaborate on your message a bit? I'm not sure of your point, or position. At what point in a pregnancy do you reckon a fetus becomes a human?

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Hi Alan:

Some oft-repeated statements by conservatives:

1) $18 trillion and counting is too much debt, a matter of great concern, but Democrats keep defending the debt because annual deficits are going down, as if decreasing the annual increase in the debt will solve something,
2) Government agencies often waste money; employees continue to get bonuses while failing in their jobs, and Congress rushes to the aid of construction projects like our new Denver V.A. hospital, a shameful example of government work,
3) The U.S. position of leadership in foreign affairs is being destroyed under Obama's leadership,
4) There are several "hot-spots" overseas, getting worse as we speak,
5) Obama prevaricates about Obamacare and Benghazi,
6) Obama uses every legal (and some illegal) means to justify using executive orders to duck the fact he can't get along with Congress, even when he had a majority in the House,
7) We have the highest business tax rates in the world and Obama wants to increase them; there is currently a bill in the House to eliminate the estate tax, while Obama simultaneously asks for increases in those rates.

We could continue of course, but enough of my "parroting." Which of these statements do you question? I'm sorry if these points seem rhetorical or hurt your feelings, but I doubt the parroting will quit until the problems are addressed. They are too important to ignore.

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Definition of "economist" - one who can't pass the CPA exam.

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Ever raise cattle and chickens? Ever see a whole flock/herd get sick and have to be slaughtered? Ever wonder about what your chances of getting sick from consuming excess antibodies vs undiscovered sickness at butchering time? Are you a scientist? A D.V.M.? A farmer? Just askin'. Maybe you'll answer yes to one of those questions.

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Best marks one can get in the D.C. Thumbs down with no suggestions/replies. We must be getting through.

2 days ago @ Daily - Michael Doyle: This is... · 1 reply · -5 points could be that our current "leader" leans so far left and anti-American-conservative values he deserves all the derision from freedom and liberty lovers he gets. One important measurement of movement to liberal politics is increased government control over our lives. If folks don't see that happening, they need only to visit for thirty minutes with any small-business owner, CPA, or M.D.

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Could you answer my question? How would you run your business? (I'm hopeful you may have some business experience, but if you don't, you may truly not know how to answer my question - I understand, as I have a few friends who have no experience in private enterprise and no appreciation for the point of view of proprietors and exec's of for-profit businesses.)

I was hoping you could use your imagination and maybe even change your attitude a little. The question was if YOU were the head of a business (large or small,) what would guide YOU as you made choices of short or long-term goals. (Forget that stuff about generalizing - how would YOU operate your business.) Then, if your answer is that you would do the right thing, what in the world allows or encourages you to presume others somehow escape the same morals and ethics as you?