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Good grief. My point has nothing to do with the likelihood that anyone will be guilty of anything. But if the Boy Scouts allow gay men to lead boys on weekend outings, there will be litigation. While not discussed openly, this is one of the major reasons B.S.A. has deferred on the issue of gays as leaders.

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I understand some of these issues are much more important than financial concerns. But both the Boy and Girl Scouts need some money to survive. When parents sue the Scouts because they say some gay or lesbian leader abused their son or daughter, whether such actions really occurred or not, there may be some necessary changes. Our society continues to live with our awful litigiousness.

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With all due respect, this is not about common sense.

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With all due respect to you too, I hope none of us folks of the Christian persuasion would hassle you to adopt our beliefs and practices. We might offer you a Bible if you don't own one, but most of us are not into disrespect of anyone who doesn't share our faith. But we do love and adore and worship Jesus, and will protect our right to do so like a sow bear protects her cubs. The traditional views of our doctrines have been under fire lately - some feathers have been ruffled and some of us have become quite defensive. So please cut us some slack. We don't find others' protections of their freedoms "so difficult." We're just circling the wagons.

If you're a writing guru, you'll resent the trite phrases. Sorry, but they worked for me.

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Thank you Mr. Eggers. With more folks like you, we may remain "free."

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Use what we have, subject to removing stupid government interferences like ethanol mandates - there's plenty of gas, enough to export some, and we are capable of improving our and the whole world's economy while we work on replacement sources.

Thanks for retracting words I didn't say. Now we can get to real dialogue.

I don't look to government for the cure to our carbon footprint - I look to entrepreneurs. Starting programs which don't accomplish anything and mandate new and intrusive government oversight (like the carbon tax) is not a step forward.

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Far back as I can go, you never answer a question. Why do you put words in my mouth?

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Your words are well chosen and wisely organized. But I don't think the results of using vouchers in other areas of the country are bad. Indeed, the original goal for the movement was, and still may be, to get students out of lousy public schools in poor districts. I think the notion that a person should be able to choose to which school his property taxes are directed (via vouchers) seems fair. In-home schooling deserves a choice too. If Catholic schools produce better educations, then why not let the kids go there? I think the primary objection to vouchers are teachers' unions, because they know private schools are doing well, and some parents would rather bring the private schools down than bring the public schools up. My name for that is socialism. Preach all you want about some preference given religious schools when the voucher amounts are equal for public and private schools. The "preference" is the right to choose. Let the better education win, for the sake of students and our country.

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That's good, mcbuffs. I agree with everything you write above, and have specifically been promoting that last paragraph lately. Was there something you wanted to call to my particular attention?

I'm trying to guess - maybe you are taking my carping about government regulating our private lives to mean I hate the government. No, on the contrary. While I am very much against Obamacare and gun control and a carbon tax and high corporation income tax rates, it's out of patriotism and love for all Americans that I complain, not for some selfish motive. (I'm retired and well beyond attaining wealth.) I just love freedom, liberty and independence so much I am protective of those privileges. As a businessman, my experience with government agencies was heavily negative, as they go about telling me what to do while not caring or understanding they are adding the weight of bureaucracy to the point it is very difficult to maintain a productive and profitable enterprise. Giving someone power over others' lives is a very dangerous proposition, perhaps exemplified by recent regulators and our chicken shed episode. Multiply this event by a million to get to EPA, OSHA, IRS, FDA, FBI, CIA, ICE, DOE, H&H Serv's, HS, HUD, DOJ, DOL, VA, DOC, DOA, DOE, DOD, CBO, GAO, USPS, DOT and the Office of Compliance, just to name several. Should you doubt the weight of all this mess, try opening a small corner drug store.

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I never even hinted it was a hoax. I only found fault with the suggested carbon tax program. Why do you put words in my mouth?