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Yes - and you may be correct about the coffee; it WAS early. But I reckon the comment doesn't change.

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Who is Rush? Is he on the ballot? Which party?

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Yes, we absolutely do need to expose the connection between money and politics, but coming from the Dem's it's an idle threat. Dana knows that Democrats would be dead without the support of public unions, and Dem's have outspent Repub's on this election.

Dana proves his connection to the desparate few who continue to point to Obama's race as a negative when the facts point to his race as a positive factor in his election and re-election - of course racism isn't completely dead, but it's not as big a factor as the economy, world affairs, and the incompetency of the current administration.

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Review your comments and see if you don't agree they are full of personal attacks based on your opinion of the character of folks with whom you disagree. Don't you think you would accomplish more if you would defend agendas and policies of your beloved lefties?

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You may have missed the worst - $17+ trillion debt. The Dem's are bragging the deficits are going down. That's like saying they're shoveling less dirt on the grave of our economy.

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I'm grateful the two student groups could get together for this. They are apparently wiser than their counterparts in our House and Senate.

P.S. I must add, I'm happy there IS a College Republican group. Who could have guessed there were enough students on this campus to form a group? Outspoken conservative students surely risk life, limb, grades and reputation.

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So guns, which are you? A shallow swithcher or a person with an open mind? Of all the folks who might judge Cory negatively, I should think you might be the most empathetic and give him the benefit of the doubt.

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If I say GW was one of the most honest, honorable, country-loving, dedicated public servant ever, would you believe me? (BTW, I certainly did vote for him, with no regrets.)

Then would you expect me to believe your name-calling just because you say so? The fact you did not believe G.W. didn't mean he was lying. "Corrupt" is a pretty strong adjective - one which should be withheld unless one has some hard evidence. Do you? And even if you did, what has this to do with Obama? Are you saying Bush was dishonest and corrupt so it's O.K. for Obama to be dishonest and corrupt? I don't quite follow your thread here. But I think perhaps you're having a pretty difficult time defending the agenda and policies of that fellow for whom you voted, so you're striking out in anger. Just sayin'.

(Re the House, I believe there were hundreds of bills which didn't make it through Harry Reid's Dem majority Senate.)

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Hating Obama's agenda and policies is not the same as hating Obama. But Dana stirs any pot he can to diminish the truth. The Dem's imply at every turn that Repub's are racists, while it is under Obama and the Dem's leadership blacks have suffered the most, even in Obama's home town. Should we judge by speeches or results?

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C'mon Oryoki, there's no lie here, no issue. Mike's assertion is absurd, and you're smart enough to know that. I understand how tough it must be to defend your party these days, but we need you to keep your head.