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I was shocked to see the support this guy receives - until it dawned on me we elected and re-elected Obama and most of the old-timers in Congress. Nothing should surprise after that.

You go Dr. Ben!

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It's easy to belittle and demean and point fingers now that Saddam is gone. You can't presume everything would be hunky dory if we had left him in power. If you remember the year(s) that led up to the invasion, you'll remember why it was so easy to get most of the free world to join us. Perhaps you don't take threats against our ally Israel as personal - but many do. The fact they are thousands of miles away does not diminish their importance. It's a very small world today.

As for Iran, I'd make economic war on them until they quit making one of their main reasons for living to eliminate all us infidels.

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Something tells me twowheelrider takes his bicycle seriously.

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I love wildlife. I release my trout alive. I even release insects caught inside my home.

But I love my dog too.

I'm not judging this guy too harshly. If the authorities have to invent a charge, I'm on his side. Whatever happened to the truth?

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Yes, and I am ashamed of one of the backers from my own party, GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley of (no surprise here) corn-growing Iowa, who normally takes a rational approach to things. Our whole Congress stinks of bribes, conflicts, and incredible sellouts for re-election.

A separate question -Who will save us? Donald ain't the answer. Maybe Dr.Ben? I wish him Godspeed.

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I think we should double the requirements for ethanol from corn in our gasoline. There. That'll fix it. No more worries.

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If America had an administration and congress with any business sense, we would by now have completed a pipeline, offered incentives for cars et al transport to run on natural gas, and eased restrictions on exporting oil and gas.

But America does not. Sigh.

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455 and v,


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"It ensures that water supplies to Denver and Boulder remain healthy."
"The fund reinvests a small portion of the royalties from offshore oil and gas drilling to permanently conserve our land and water. The program doesn't use a dime of taxpayer money."

So we don't need rain and snow anymore. And taxpayers won't pay more for oil and gas because of the royalties. This man is definitely a good student and follower of his teachers Obama and Clinton. Half-truths and outright lies are easy for them. I'm hoping the electorate is wiser than that.

My greatest risk at making the above comments is the knowledge that some folks in my own GOP are just as bad. We need to unseat them.

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You don't mention that if localities want to change the mineral production rights for which oil companies have already spent money believing their legal rights would be honored based on historical claims, then the localities should pay the companies and/or the royalty interests for those "takings," just like any condemnation requiring property owners to abandon or restrict use of their properties in the interest of the public good. Doesn't that seem fair? The reason the State often takes the side of oil producers in these affairs is not necessarily because of their influence - the administration is influenced by resident voters too. But the State's actions are sometimes limited to enforcement of long-standing laws. That's part of their pledge when they take office, to enforce the laws of the State.

P.S. The parties hurt when locales restrict drilling are not just oil companies. Some farmers and other landowners also lose a very comfortable royalty income. Hardly anyone ever mentions that fact. And hardly anyone mentions the loss in ad valorem and other taxes paid via oil/gas production.