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Very thoughtful response. Thanks.

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I'm sure you could argue that - since "neocon" Wiki definition takes three pages, with both socialists and G.W. Bush supporting similar actions, and some disagreement as to what the word means. I think of a neocon as a person like G.W., who was willing to interfere in other countries' governments in order to give their citizens more freedom, making the world a better place. This view is of course contrary to many conservatives who would rather we mind our own business.

Re the term "Christian," I'm sure we agree as much as possible on its meaning.

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Only eighty years ago folks were using your point of view to abandon Europe. The world is a much smaller place now. In addition to our moral obligation to Israel and freedom seekers everywhere, there will be a domino effect if Iran and certain other factions are allowed to gain military advantage.

We all wish WWII didn't happen. We all wish we could avoid all future wars. But the "none of our business - let 'em destroy each other" plan doesn't work for long. Sooner or later, we will get calling cards to our defense here and around the world. Some movements should be nipped in the bud for the sake of long-term peace.

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Perhaps the main reason there's not more hullabaloo is that his candidacy is not viable. Nobody expects him to be the nominee. I'm not sure why he's running, but it's not to win - he must know that. And we certainly agree.

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Proving a point of view by using the Aussies as examples would usually work for me, because I appreciate their example of loving freedom and their loyalty to us Americans - they've been there with us in tough times. But this issue separates us. The very notion of government requiring participation by folks who have no interest in or knowledge about politics and government is contrary to our principles of freedom and liberty.

The need to inform, educate, and set good examples of leadership to attract participation by everyone is a completely separate issue. Dave could gain support with an editorial to that effect.

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That's right, you didn't. Looking forward to your reason - mine is government power leads to corruption. My conclusion and instinct leads me to resist any kind of price-fixing, government controlled regulations about carbon use.

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But they were fooled, just like many Obama supporters. I doubt he (Klingenschmitt) could be elected as dog-catcher now.

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Thanks again.

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You and I agree there is "corruption, crony capitalism, overspending, and waste" in the Pentagon, because it is a government agency. Yet you want us to turn over to government some sort of regulating authority over the use of carbon. All the proposals I've seen so far give government more control over our lives. I trust them as far as I can throw the Pentagon building.

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I don't blame you guys for jumping on this - I'll be tempted to do the same if/when one of yours does something crazy. But I have known a great number of Christian conservatives and liberals; none of them would ever think or say anything like this idiot. I can't imagine anyone in HD-15 defending him either. Sometimes voters make mistakes - consider the fact Obama is in his second term.