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You're correct, Jaded, about Obama letting the pot boil. That's his modus operandi - playing golf and raising money for the next election while the world burns. The world is watching, waiting, hoping for leadership - and Obama ....

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Thanks Alex. This is not, in my opinion, a small matter. Americans have sometimes been uniquely defined and criticized for their ability to show appreciation for good service. This "employer keeps" is yet another threat to change what my old-guy traditional upbringing taught me. Idealists, like the French, would suggest pocket change for wait personnel who automatically give their best. Personally, I have enjoyed giving and receiving great tips for great service. It's another example of excellence rewarded and encouraged.

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You go George! Arguing data sources does not change the points you made so well.

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Answer to question Mr. Porath posed - No. Producers of weapons do not promote wars or domestic violence. Indeed, possession of weapons has deterred uncountable violent overthrows of homes and countries.

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You're wrong, terribly wrong on this one. Perpetual stirring of the racist pot is perhaps the most dangerous political movement in our culture now. Defend Obama's stances on issues and the results of his administration all you want, and I'll be patient, but accusing detractors of Obama of racism is a card which, when played, adds to ever more separation of us Americans. If your accusations were reasonable and viable, we would understand, but when Pitts quotes the "Westview News" in search of more filth, we know he has an enormous chip on his shoulder.

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"I don't understand people anymore," said Nicole, one of the paid homeless sign bearers. She's a better source than some in this "People's Republic."

Nicole makes more sense than the organizer, who doesn't understand why a person would defend himself with bombs from rockets launched by people who say Jews don't have a right to exist.

Israel has of course not been totally innocent, as their greed for more land is well documented. But a cursory exam of the geography of surrounding areas around this tiny country of Jews in the middle of huge and populous Muslim countries might lend more empathetic, common-sense reactions. Imagine being Colorado in the middle of Russia.

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Got it.

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Happy you set that straight. Hardly any of us are able to enter others' minds and hearts to know motives.

It would be interesting to know the motivation behind contributions by public and private unions. Please advise.

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Wait. Charles is saying a company which has invested bjillions of dollars and thousands of employees here and decades of experience with a great record of efficient, safe dealing with weather and other interruptions is more reliable than Boulder's city council? Scandalous.

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I understand the Kochs are right-wing supporters of smaller gubmit and less taxes/spending. Therefore, they are named as devil donors by the majority in Boulder. Sigh.