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Sounds like a great idea. So what's your problem BB? Do you prefer our military leaders follow Obama's lack of credible leadership without any hesitation or reservation, ignoring the results of his tried and failed policies? Sometimes one has to stand on principle, with courage, and answer the question "How are these policies working?" I hope they take Lamborn's advice, and somehow save our country from even more losses of lives and treasure. I have no apologies for the fact the U.S. is (necessarily) the leader of the free world.

Tell me, from the quick and complete pullout of Iraq to the abandonment of Afghanistan even after Obama's surge, to the deferral of any action while folks died from chemical weapons in Syria, to Ukraine, and to the inability to add help of much of Europe to our allied support against ISIS, to allowing Iran to continue their nuclear weapon program and abandonment of our ally Israel, of which part of Obama's policy do you approve? Are you an isolationist, one who pretends there are no Americans in those parts of the world? Or that some Muslims have no interest in killing us? If so, you must have no children and grandchildren, and pretend you will not be affected by all these developments. I urge you to become a little more long-sighted for the benefit of MY grandkids, if not your own.

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Sliding, no. Giving a knee in prayer, O.K.
Muslim employer making legal rules employees know before they're hired, O.K. Sharia law, no, no, a thousand times no.

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Some coward gave the above a -1. Wonder if he has the courage and wisdom to respond in a more pointed way - or if he/she is just part of the "no open minds left at C.U."

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I must say - here in Boulder and at C.U., where most LTE condemn the Iraq war partly because there were no WMD found, there is an expression of friendship and sympathy to the Kurds, who love and appreciate G.W. Bush, and who were the prime beneficiaries of the removal of Saddam and his chemical weapons used to murder tens of thousands of Kurds.

In the midst of reviews which report all the "waste" in precious resources, Boulder, of all places, celebrates the visit of a Kurd.

I wonder if anyone asked him where he stood on WMD and George Bush? Nah, there are no open minds left at C.U.

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Ms. Farhar and mstdye could find work with the Obama administration. They think they should have what they want without regard to the cost, and they think they know better than businesses what they should do with their budgets. The fact BCH is a community non-profit which has accepted millions and millions in donations gives them at least as much responsibility as private, for-profit businesses to provide a fair service - any ulterior motives which would have negative consequences on the public will be known and met with great resistance ... by folks just like Ms. Farhar and mstdye.

mstdye writes above, "The theory that real estate developers are almost all weasels is not new or surprising (there is a lot of evidence for developer-weaselness)," and "So what the community is asking of Boulder Community Hospital is not to spend most of $13 million on administrator bonuses as they have no doubt planned to do."
Such statements give the writers away as part of what has become a large population which presumes businesses are out to take advantage of their patrons through sleight of hand, unethical, and immoral practices, to say nothing of businesses' inability to follow zoning regulations or measure the economic effect of building a therapy pool.

If these patrons of the therapy pool are so sure such an enterprise would be used enough at rates which would pay for the pool and allow a reasonable return to an investor group, they should build one. They can begin raising capital by going through months of site searching, red tape which is required to solicit funds from investors, bank begging, and the huge responsibility of hiring employees and pleasing the public which includes folks just like them. This is (still) a free country. Go for it. And we who love a heated pool wish you well.

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Kids will be kids ... and teachers' unions will be ...fighting evaluations.

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1) Activate and support Keystone and encourage exports of LNG and open offshore and AK acreage,
2) Lower US corporate tax rate to world average, while removing perceived loopholes, and eliminate double tax,
3) Defer Obamacare, or at least exempt employers with less than 200 employees from mandate,
4) Offer tax incentives for corporations to get involved in new employee training and hiring,
5) Quit regulating, quit mandating, quit adding gubmit restrictions on employers' choices of employees,
6) Offer incentives for corporations to participate in infrastructure; remove the bias toward union employees,
7) Stop the cheating and swindling which allows ineligible folks to collect disability and other welfare benefits, so they will start looking for work,
8) Stop the ethanol boondoggle,
9) Remove the unfair tax loopholes given certain hedge fund traders (not because of the increase in revenue, but to improve the general notion of fairness,) and simplify, simplify, simplify,
10) Add some sort of minimum income tax, maybe as low as three percent, to be paid by everyone with income over around $15,000, so everyone will have something "invested," file a return, and vote accordingly.
11) Curtail litigation and limit punitive damage claims.

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Yes, yes, and yes. Yes. We need to wake.

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Please define "vast majority." If I understand "vast majority," the term includes mainly scientists who care about climate change, a definite minority, who would enjoy less attention and tribute if there were no negative change in climate over which we have control. There is a "vast majority" of quiet scientists who disagree or who have no opinion or who don't want to buck any trend toward increasing the influence of their profession.

Maybe some day soon we'll realize all this concern about climate was beyond our poor ability to change, but mainly another excuse to give gubmits all over the world the ability to add more power to the central control center, mainly via price-fixing thru the carbon tax, but also thru adding influence to gubmit protections via more regulations and rules and controls over businesses.