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Your saying so does not make it so. What do you think of the fact Dr. MItchell's opinion and account was excluded from the report? If that doesn't shed light on your evaluation of the report, I think you've failed to let facts affect your judgment.

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kalub and comp,
If I were you, I don't think I'd want to join my name and fortune with tandp_colo - but you're working on it. You fail to answer a simple question. What do you think of Dr. Mitchell? Any comment at all, or are you all joining forces to win debates by knocking your opponents instead of the issues? Why would you not want to hear from and give credence to the professional who administered what you call torture? Can you imagine anyone who knows more than he?

BTW - Check the background of Megyn; "blonde bimbo" hardly fits. Looks sometimes deceive. But that seem to be your method these days - attack the messenger, whether the message makes sense or not.

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He is highly qualified, and should be heard. And I don't pretend to know whether the treatment given our prisoners was legal or humane. But the fellow who actually administered the techniques which may or may not meet your definition of torture is truly an expert. Truth is this man, this fellow who proposed the rules of interrogation actually used by the CIA, and finally actually applied the rules when they insisted he do so as the most qualified person, spent two long hours on Megyn Kelly's program, one watched by millions of viewers. He called the report hogwash and was astounded it was published without at least an interview of him. The Dem's on the panel knew he was in charge, but avoided him because they knew he would disagree with their points. Now he is receiving death threats. But when I referred to Dr. James Mitchell, kalubifak waived my source away as if it was not true. Did you also ignore this man's testimony? Why?

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Let me ask you a serious question, man to man - we all should be forgiven the temptation in debate to try to put our opponent down rather than address the issue for the debate. We all do this now and then. But if you review your comments in the past few days, I think you'll find slight attention to issues and great emphasis on trying to belittle folks with whom you disagree. Think about it - because you will surely agree your approach only adds to enmity - and only brings conversation to hopelessly negative results. Perhaps you'll change, so we can get some good suggestions and comments from you - and of course I'll have to be very careful now.

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I didn't call Brennan a liar, or even mention him. I was referring to the doc who advised and administered the procedures personally, interviewed on your enemy Fox.

Don't you wonder why he and others in the CIA aren't interviewed or mentioned? Don't you wonder why the intelligence community operatives who carried out the raid on Osama weren't questioned as to the source of their information? (They are in agreement the interrogations produced the info they needed.) Wouldn't it have been wise and fair to question Pelosi as to whether she was advised exactly what was going on? (According to the CIA she was advised of every procedure as it was applied and she offered no objection at the time.) Have you not considered the reason and value gained from releasing this Democrat only report now? Have you not even agreed with this LTE saying it's odd nobody is being charged, knowing the reason is there was no crime? (See MIYADAD below - Holder's the nastiest bulldog ever - no charges.) Does it bother you that serious threats have already been made on the lives of the CIA operatives and the morale, what's left of it, of the rest of the CIA has been permanently damaged by the one-side-only reporting?

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Any thoughts about anything Obama has done to help the plight of the blacks? Anything?

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Sorry I can't keep up to your level of understanding. Any answer to my challenge to name one good thing Obama and company have done to heal race relations? (I thought not - your expertise is in tearing down any and everyone who doesn't follow your negative emphasis on the failures of your fellows.)

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I answered only your first point. I could address the others as well. Sharpton visits Obama often, and is known to be the president's advisor. Your "advisor"? note sounded like you didn't know that. Did you?

To the extent you defend any of those folks, you defend their actions, their constant finger-pointing at everyone except themselves, and most reasonable folks have learned by now they will show up anywhere there is a possibility of throwing gasoline on the fires of black/white racism.

Try instead to suggest anything Obama or any of the above have done to promote peace between the blacks and whites, or anything he has done to promote good changes in the urban centers like Chicago and St Louis and Detroit. You won't need much room to list the accomplishments, because the main effect of the things he has done is to increase dependence on government.

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Littwin, Pitts, Obama and his advisor Sharpton, and Jackson are joining hands and exploiting themselves with their messages of hate. They call attention to themselves as saviors to blacks, but their nasty language causes ever more distance between what might otherwise be appreciation for progress and reasonable approaches to cures of problems.

The last thing on their minds/agendas is to note the past six years have caused more, rather than less, separation - their programs are failing miserably. I'm hoping/praying Americans are catching on, without regard to the color of their skin.