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If you understood the corporate tax, you would know it is YOU, the consumer, who pays it.

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Following CK's advice makes sense in every way. But the electorate will not allow anything which appears to favor businesses. The sentiment the lib's have fostered against business in general has grown too great. What idiots we have become, and what cowards our legislators.

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You yanked the words from my mouth. What's difficult to believe is that the US still charges the highest rate in the world and adds a double tax at that. What's soooo difficult to believe is that our legislators don't have the guts to even attempt to explain this to the folks, so we can fix the problem ere we lose more employers to Europe and other places. Our legislators would risk nothing which could cost them votes because the masses want to hate businesses, and suggestions which would benefit businesses are unpopular. Lord help us from this blindness.

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It's likely she has no hidden objectives. But would she be here if there is no global climate problem we could logically treat? Here lies her problem. Like the scientists who are shouting "duck, beware, prepare," she will only survive if she will be heard by the gullible. We who argue whatever climate change we have is so difficult to measure and even more difficult to cure are labeled "ignorant." The best remedy for this dilemma is to wait and see, ere we take on a huge commitment like the so-called "revenue-neutral carbon tax."

The way the climate is evolving would lead me to call a "victory dance" for the not-so-gullible minority.

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Except for "Women Employed," Christina might not have a job. I'll wager the majority of Starbucks' employees are very happy to have their jobs. Gubmit regulations can very easily put Starbucks out of business. Then the unemployed will file for benefits from disability to unemployment comp, folks will miss their morning wake-up, and the gubmit and we citizens will hurt in hundreds of ways.

But this seems to be part of Obama's plan. Regulate businesses to death and dole out benefits to the unemployed until they are totally reliant on gubmit for their living. This is Obama's "hope and change." I HOPE for CHANGE this fall, ere it's too late.

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Thanks. Good of you to bear with me.

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You've given a good defense and debate points, Almathea. Thanks. RE the "list of cases," those lists would of course be shorter if there were less pending (more closed) cases. In the business world, long lists mean overtime or more employees or less detail or whatever is required to some way deliver the package. Forgive me if I question the efficiency in the program, but there is the distinct odor of bureaucracy in our court houses.
But thanks again.

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Here I am again, protesting about the time passed between the crime and the sentencing. Maybe this was due to requests by the defense attorney, but it still goes against one of the most precious rights for which our forefathers died - the right to a speedy trial. I will give up this project soon, because nobody ever cares, but the inefficiency of our system costs us all in the long run - from court costs, to jail time, to evidence lost to current memory, to chronic, habitual lack of urgency, to bowing to lawyers and judges.

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I continue to be surprised that the Tea Party catches so much flack and assignment of negative characteristics they don't possess. They have a very simple creed - less taxes, less gubmit. They are no more radical than our forefathers who were willing to die for liberty and freedom. There is no hidden agenda. Maybe their enthusiasm puts the media off. I just don't know.

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Good grief nonothing - fracking is not a lifetime sentence. Fracking could take a few weeks. The finished product is no big deal, several small above ground pipes and a small tank, if any - no odor, no noise, no problem. (I know, we have a modern one in our neighborhood.)