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Please see above, my message. We agree. I guess you and I share a talent for recognizing the obvious.

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This "research" is absolute proof positive that CU, even in my beloved business department, is seriously lacking competence. If I am purple and I argue on behalf of other purples to my employer, I risk judgment as selfish. If I am red and argue on behalf of purples, I am considered unselfish and a good team-playing employee. Duh. God help us and CU, supposedly an institute of higher learning. This is another example of a lefty liberal looking for bias which does not exist. My granddaughter, aged twelve, saw thru this stupid report.

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And besides, you have no clue. Headlines are given without numbers. I think the folks to whom you refer are a group of seven old men living in a camp in southern Indiana. They were in a protected environment but escaped and got the attention of the Evansville Courier, to whom they reported their ideas. That's your "plenty."

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We didn't notice the debt quite so much, because it was half the current amount. And we didn't have the unemployment rate, food stamps, and Obamacare to pay for. And murders in Chicago are now so common the Trib doesn't report them. I doubt numbers mean much to your philosophical view, or I'd attach a graph or two.

Are you suggesting we'd be better off with Saddam back as leader of Iraq? Dude, or Dudette - you either weren't aware then or you're on something which erases your memory.

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Consider the amount of our national debt, abject deprivation in our inner cities, various crises in the world, our well-known voluntary pull-back from leadership in world-wide influence, the outright lies and half-truths and scandals coming from Obama and his administration, and our continuing favor shown folks who hate us (Iranians must be laughing all the way to the bank and Iraqis must wonder why we lost thousands of good men and women and then abandoned our mission) while Obama raises political funds. Then tell me reality and Obama supporter occur in the same breath.

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Had that DC bill made it through congress, it would have only been temporary - until it reached the Supremes.

Sometimes there is a fine line between local rule and anarchy.

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Obama has no clue what building consensus means. His idea of compromise is to come half-way to some far-left proposal. As the world's number one narcissist, he can't even sniff anyone else's opinion. He will continue to raise money for his party and play golf and sink us ever further in debt while the world burns.

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I agree any group with the characteristics you mention would be pathetic. You must have us mixed up with some other group. The $79 is for two separate days, includes a meal, transportation and lodging for several nationally known speakers and musicians and the rental of a very large, expensive hall, together with expensive publications and source materials to take home. PK has been on the brink of bankruptcy during its whole existence. Nobody has reaped any noteworthy salary or other windfall.

"Cultist" is a nasty word, which could only be used to describe PK by someone who would say the same about Presbyterians and Methodists and Catholics.

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I wish you'd give us some examples, instead of your opinion. Define "plenty."

Have you any idea how your stirring the pot of racism with false accusations adds to the problem?

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Short-term and sales tax = non sequitur.

In a city of rich trust babies, a haven for liberals, the chosen method of taxation is regressive. Shame on us. Hypocrites.