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Yea, good point. I worked in a genetics lab and found homosexual behavior (males that prefer only males) in Fruit Flies....go figure.

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It is easy to laugh at what you don't understand.

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BTW, Crick never new about this "RNA world" hypothesis, so it just goes to show that science is growing, because it is "quantitative" and will only lead to more and more knowledge about our "origin." Yes, we may never know the answers but we can get pretty damn close if we choose science instead of blind faith in the supernatural.

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But proteins coming together to make DNA (which is not a protein, it is a poly nucleotide with phosphate backbone, deoxy ribose sugar, and nitrogenous bases) does happen, but just know that not all proteins attract one another, they have to have the right "lock and Key" and hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity, etc. However, this is very complex, and in no way could this have spontaneously been the origin of genetic material. To better explain how the complex nature of genetic material has arisen, think about RNA:
1- it behaves as an enzyme in our own bodies, does not require other proteins for certain functions it carries out, like splicing of introns and exons.
2- houses genetic material- can be a precursor for making proteins
3- is single stranded - simple structure that does not require a huge set of proteins to make
As we evolved, DNA took over because it is more stable because it is double-stranded, can house more information in a stable way, and offers a "safe" location of housing genetic material in the nucleus while allowing other macromolecules to carry out the "leg-work" of making protein.
I know I am abbreviating a lot of science here, but if you have any questions about this just ask. A good start is to google "RNA world"

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Here is what is not fair. People can do anything in this life and eventually get away with it through "salvation." "Oh, I have been saved. I repented my evil ways,..." So they get to go to heaven now. But, theoretically couldn't they just keep doing "evil" things, like killing, and keep repenting to get away with it through "god's" eyes? Is not forgiveness the operative word here in christianity? (which, btw, sucks that we always have to talk about christianity, like it is all that even matters. Its like someone talking about Tom Sawyer and your like what? don't you mean Huckelberry Finn, Tom Sayer will get you nowhere read this.) I say it is not fair because, this religion looks so appealing to criminals in jail when they have no time to anything else but listen to how "yea, you ruined your life, but you can still have eternal happiness in the kingdom of heaven..." That shit sounds good to a criminal. It simply perpetuates the problem for us aligned with reason....sad

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This is the way I think in a nutshell. Good post.

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Well, I seriously doubt it is an "evolved gene" as you say because us humans basically side step limiting factors to population size with technology, industrialization, high buildings, medical practices, etc. So therefore, it is almost as if we are "devolving." I know that sounds weird, but we are going over our carrying capacity which will lead to our ultimate demise if you don't do stuff about it (ex. family planning).
However, homosexuality can still be caused by a gene, but not ONE gene. People always say Homosexuality cannot be caused by a "gay Gene" blaha blah blah. But, there are more than one gene involved in say your personality and other attributes that make you yourself. These are called quantitative traits. (look it up!) homosexuality can be caused by these different genes as well. Please please read "genome" by Matt Ridley. It is not like a textbook on science! It reads look a short novel, seriously. There is a whole section on the genetics of homosexuality (ex. it was found that identical twins in raised in DIFFERENT environments had like a %70 chance of both growing up gay if one exhibited homosexuality. There is also more info on other genetic diseases and what causes them. This is a good read my friend and could help you in these "scientific discussions." ;)

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So would you say that being mentally retarded is natural? Did god just not "make" these kinds of people, are they just pretending to be retarded? I don't think so. People cannot help that (well, most) they feel attraction towards the same sex. So then is this god's fault for allowing this to happen? I worked in a genetics lab studying mating behavior in fruit flies. Guess what, some flies exhibited homosexuality by being attracted to the same sex.

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Do yourself a favor and question your existence, don't think you have the right answers because you do not. There is certainly nothing wrong with questioning man's existence, intelligence, capabilities, etc. It makes life more interesting and keeps things EVOLVING. To live a life free of judgment from an invisible man who may or may not like me wanking off every once in a while, is damn good.

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I know this is not the proper place to post this, but since we are talking about morality and freedom and rights....its kinda close.
If X= good law abiding citizen + morality
Y= good law abiding citizen + morality + a belief in salvation through Christ (god),
Both x and y are the same person (don't kill, steal, etc.) except Y has a belief in christianity, nothing more, thats the ONLY thing that sets him apart.... Why on Earth does Y feel the need to convert X to Y? How does this benefit society? (don't say it benefits X by (insert afterlife stuff here))