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Actually if you read the news you would know that there is plan through the state to build a statue as well for Cordell Hull, a former Secretary of State who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his hand in starting the United Nations. He too was from Tennessee. That is, if you can read.

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It is also clear they are attacking Al Gore as a diversion.

This man has done nothing for the last thirty plus years but warn you all of the consequences of inaction, and spent over twenty of them in politics trying to make sense of the utter nonsense that gets shoved around Washington DC day in and day out. He was in the Senate and House in the seventies when there was no money to be made from this. I would then say to those who chose instead to get personal with him rather than face that fear this. They fear the progress that is being made in alternative energies. They fear the people becoming more aware and knowledgable because they are feeling the heat of their own gravy trains coming to a stop.

They are now trying to divert from the urgent issue at hand by attacking the messenger instead of addressing the message. A typical cheap ploy played by those with nothing else on their side. They know he is telling the truth about this crisis and the lies told to the American people by corporations that stifled their own scientists for profit. Where is the outrage about that?

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Congressional members with an ax to grind need to stop turning their hearings into a sideshow. Lord Monckton? Please. And what oil company is funding your website?