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TJMcClean, I laughed at your reference to kissing the Blarney Stone. I did the same myself a few years ago and did not realise the awkward positioning you had to get into for to kiss it. Certainly a big drop below. There were no "Health and Safety Police" to stop me and for that I am thankful.

As for Scrabo Tower, surely a portable Generator could be used. I cannot believe such an iconic visitor attraction can be closed for such reasons. Obviously there has been a lack of commonsense and with a little bit of Brain Storming I'm sure it could be opened up again very very soon.

Come on NIEA, use the brains you should have to remedy this supposed problem post-haste.

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Cnrboy, as someone who was brought up in the Unionist community, I must agree with what you say. "Years" ago as a youngster I used to love going to see the bands on the 12th day. Now as a older mature person I cannot for the sake of me understand why the Orange Order still exists in its present form. It is a catalyst to continuing bigotry and unrest and not exactly a role model for our impressionable young. I purposely take my Grand Children away on the 12th so as to try and raise them in a society tolerant of everyone.

Personally I would like to see a Party in N.I. that has MLA's with no affiliation what-so-ever to the Orange Order or for the matter the Ancient Order of Hibernians. Those days must come to an end.

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In reality she is a thief and has been stealing our money. She should not of been given an opportunity to resign and instead should now be in Jail or on Bail considering how she has treated us with total disrespect.

This has to stop now.

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I have to say that the video is quite damning and the PSNI Officer's are totally neglectful of their Duty to care that comes with the job.

It is also damning that Mr McCallion thought it better to get his camera out to video it instead of taking action himself to move the girl to safety before the PSNI came along. The Police have a job to do but when it comes to public safety we all have a responsibility to assist.

The two men who walked past, the passing car driver and the Bus driver are all also neglectful which is a sad reflection of the society we now appear to live in.

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Who cares what she said, I'm still looking at the photo's :)

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This man is probably the most significant individual in keeping this Country divided. It would be better if he was given no more Air time and totally ignored by the press.

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Such an orchestrated string of events. Please forgive for being very very suspicious.

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I'm getting the feeling that this is one massive back room staged political agreement between Sinn Fein and the DUP and maybe other Political Parties. Surely the DUP must have known and if not, then they have been played as fools.

Will the final outcome be a pardon for all across the board and for to finally put the past where it belongs. If so than maybe this "might" be a good thing.

By putting the past behind us and signing off on all inquiries, will I know, hurt deeply many families who have been bereaved or injured. However how long must we keep hurting each other with this continual "blame game"

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liked that samonty....:D

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I would rather watch a Gay Pride parade than a parade of bigots which is dominantly the norm here unfortunately. .