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I've always been scared of heights, so I wouldn't have done it as a Yoot.

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I want to say it's been over a year and was wondering if anyone would notice. Heck, you actually made my day. I like the logo but had a hard time trying to make it fit with this "cleaner" redesign. All attempts to add it made it look forced. But I should put in a new set of pictures to rotate up top.

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Like you would know! It\'s not like you graduated from a Baptist seminary and then later employed by a Presbyterian organization. Oh, wait....... ;-)

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Sadly, I can't remember, but I do recall it was something cute.

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Oh, well, now we know. Thanks. We didn\'t have change so all four of us just carried stuff around. :-)

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Oh man, something seemed off about it when I first posted it late this morning. Thanks, Bryan, I just corrected it.

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Not that you were insinuating anything, but for the record, I didn\'t think it was scary, just a little funny. It seemed like something one would expect from Geroge W. Bush. The presidential limo is always parked directly in front of the ramp for protection and to deflect any line of fire. A second identical limo is almost always parked nearby. I\'m sure it was just a slip of mind kind of moment, one we\'ve all had.

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Nope. Nice guy, just not to type to exchange numbers and such.

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From my understanding, when it comes to national cemeteries, the only way to be buried together is by vertical burial. However, since both your mother and father served, I know for sure they qualify for individual spots, but I\'m not sure if they can still be buried individually next to one another, that is, if they pass at different times. I\'m going to have to research this.

EDIT: Found my answer: "A husband and wife are interred in the same plot unless both were Veterans. In that case, they may be buried side by side in separate plots."

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I'm glad someone else shares my enthusiasm for Star Blazers. The theme song always got me pumped, and I think the caption was my first cartoon death, darn radiation poisoning. But I loved how the ship was a character itself. Hidden in the earth as a classic battle ship and made functional to fly into space. Even though the main blast cannon was awesome, I loved all the other three-cannon sets. As a child, I don't think I drew an object more than that ship, with the bottom painted red and jets flying out the rear with that huge engine. The Japanese made a live action movie of it, one day I plan on hunting it down and watching it with subtitles. Here's the movie trailer with Aroesmith playing in the background: