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Put somebody's eye out? At best, I might hope for a couple cases of fust-related moderate to severe asthma attacks.

Desert Area Man is a character complex, of uncharacteristically characteristic character, which is his most characteristically complex characteristic, complexly.

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That "nom de where" will undoubtedly serve you splendidly as you embark upon your noble quest to circumambuleight the globe in ninety-six hours shy of a half-dozen fortnights.

Desert Area Man runs towards everything now, because in retrospect, riding a horse with no name that was impossible to call for when it inevitably went maverick was maybe not the best idea to ever shake out of someone's bootcut 501s.

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Hey gang! I was reminiscing earlier tonight at that one mommyblog about desert area man Ken Layne, and Zippy told me to swing by here and wave my fusty p-ness around, for old times' sake. Also, too, I upfisted everyone while I was at it – I'm ambisextrous – and it felt like the first time.

It felt like the very first time.

I still find it hard to reconcile Ken's speaking voice and amiable one-on-one demeanor with his saguaro-like behind-the-mic persona, which I guess is actually closer to how one might expect him to sound based upon much of his pre-Desert Oracle writings.

What makes it even weirder is that when he goes out for drinks, he wears a suit and tie, but when he goes out on stage, he wears a black ten-gallon hat and old timey train engineer overalls.

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Each ridiculous thing that Rebecca cravenly accused me of in the "FishbowlDC" thread was a lie or willful misrepresentation designed to malign my hard-earned reputation as a well-liked and respected long-time commenter, and to undermine the veracity and obfuscate the intent of my carefully chosen words of concern. She knows this, and the vast majority of those whom I had the profound privilege of calling comrade for so many years surely must know this as well.

I was — I am — one of the good guys, you guys.

And yet...I've been lied about, silenced, and vilified by fools; worse, you've been lied to, duped, and played for fools. I have zero fucking tolerance for such bullshit, especially when it concerns me and my friends. The unprecedented nature of my unjust banning should serve as a chilling and worrisome warning to every Wonkette commenter that criticism and dissent —no matter how well-intentioned, reasoned, and respectful — will not be tolerated, especially if it makes Rebecca or her bullying benefactor look bad.


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Sara, can you hear me?

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You'll sit down, but will you shut up?!