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Each ridiculous thing that Rebecca cravenly accused me of in the "FishbowlDC" thread was a lie or willful misrepresentation designed to malign my hard-earned reputation as a well-liked and respected long-time commenter, and to undermine the veracity and obfuscate the intent of my carefully chosen words of concern. She knows this, and the vast majority of those whom I had the profound privilege of calling comrade for so many years surely must know this as well.

I was — I am — one of the good guys, you guys.

And yet...I've been lied about, silenced, and vilified by fools; worse, you've been lied to, duped, and played for fools. I have zero fucking tolerance for such bullshit, especially when it concerns me and my friends. The unprecedented nature of my unjust banning should serve as a chilling and worrisome warning to every Wonkette commenter that criticism and dissent —no matter how well-intentioned, reasoned, and respectful — will not be tolerated, especially if it makes Rebecca or her bullying benefactor look bad.


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Sara, can you hear me?

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You'll sit down, but will you shut up?!

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In Sir Romney's general direction?

No, alas -- I just tripped over his power cord, and his batteries kicked in.

(However, I did just blow a long overdue and heartfelt "Thank You" kiss in your general direction, my brave knight in rusty armor...)

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Sorry, everyone...that was me.

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It's working for me...

(Welcome back, Jen & Kim!)