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When Obama decided to look forward not backward he laid the bed in which we now lie.
Did he expect gratitude from these fanatics? If so he was extremely naive.
They are present like a battering ram to force the entry and adoption of their war-mongering no matter what the cost.
The Trump’s and Netanyahu’s, vulgar reflections of ourselves and what we have become, are present to remind us that “the belly of the beast is still fertile.”

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They should try wearing saffron robes and going barefoot carrying begging bowls to fill their coffers.

That works for religion so why not for the new faith of permanent and unending war?

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Loobies here, loobies there, loobies loobies everywhere.
Perhaps we should all break our piggy banks and try to buy a Senator while the "sale" is still on going..

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I somehow suspect that he is a Zionist BSter.

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Catherine de Médicis and her supposed poison cupboard look amateurish compared to our modern "state killings".
We have made tremendous "progress."

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In the "Happyland" of make believe" Schumer's struggle with his inner self has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. It is all about Israel's dominance in the Middle East.
This soul-searching Senator ought to go home with those that bought him.
Leader of the Democrats - what a laugh!

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What a heppy event. A new country from which to bomb.
It's like Xmas in August.
Would they have to bomb the US to spread a bit of that "democracy"?

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It is now a quaint idea that anything could keep the US from attacking, attacking, attacking.

We are like the crazy brother who imagines that he is Theodore Roosevelt in "Arsenic and Old Lace" dashing up the stairs shouting "CHARGE."

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Bibi must have thrown another tantrum, weeping and screaming for "compensation." Arms, money, endless babbling on the media waves and speeches calling for Congress to do as Bibi does are not enough.
Now he wants his spies to come home - a free ride.

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Oops, He is back: Dracula is again out and about with his begging bowl that is more and more like a huge sink hole - A bottomless pit.