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It is now a quaint idea that anything could keep the US from attacking, attacking, attacking.

We are like the crazy brother who imagines that he is Theodore Roosevelt in "Arsenic and Old Lace" dashing up the stairs shouting "CHARGE."

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Bibi must have thrown another tantrum, weeping and screaming for "compensation." Arms, money, endless babbling on the media waves and speeches calling for Congress to do as Bibi does are not enough.
Now he wants his spies to come home - a free ride.

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Oops, He is back: Dracula is again out and about with his begging bowl that is more and more like a huge sink hole - A bottomless pit.

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I has been so plesant for the last few weeks not to see or hear Netanyahu but I fear that with the Iran deal - he is back.

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The Samatha Powers and Victoria Neulands.
Obama and his women.

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The Israei gobernmant really considers the rest of the world as fools to be used as a punching bag.l

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Psst...the glaciers are melting so this crystal ball gazing General had better calculate how many generations of subsidies he can wring out of the tax payers pocket before they get wet.

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Bulldozer Bibi like James Cagney screaming "I'm on top of the world."

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We must do much more that pray if there is ever to be any change in the burden weighing down all human aspiration.

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Bought - or bought and black mailoed?