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Fare well? Did his three year old daughter "fare well"?
There is no longer any question of justice in the old USA.
Those who have, get and keep and "fare well " in their perverted life-style while the "leftovers" bow their heads and obey.
Will there be a revolt?

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The Republic is not sliowly crumbling; we are living in its ruins and in history no empire has ever come back from military expansion and political corruption.
The desire to protect freedom and civil rights has been replaced by arrogance, indifference, greed and cupitidy.

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There must be a huge safe full of dirt on every member of the US Congress.
Bibi pulls the strings and they jump to the clink of coins.

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'The world is my oyster!
What's the matter with this guy? Dosen't he know who I am?'

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We have become a vampire state, bleeding , corrupting and destroying all who come into contact with us.
It is not without irony that there is no longer an SOS.

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The best way to keep soldiers from getting killed is to keep them in the USA to defend, - not on the offensive in foreign countries.

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Perhaops not - perhaps they would be among the collaborators - those for whom "Order and Obedience"" are above all else.

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“In a world where I would not be restricted from killing an American, I personally would go and kill him myself,” a current NSA analyst told BuzzFeed. “A lot of people share this sentiment.”

Reading such declarations I woud say "Please feel free to do so."
People like this wil always find reasons to eliminate "the enemy."
They don't even seem to have sense enough to realize they work for corporate America and the financial system who don't give a hoot about our safety.
The system works for PROFIT!

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Snowden brought the undeniable proof of a world-wide secret spying operation that other whiste-blowers lacked and now welcome.
People can claim to "know" but proof is another matter.

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The “proper channels" that Ruth Marcus is talking about are all lined with lobby money, insulated from the outside world by those who don't have to break the laws because they make the laws - for themselves, and corporate interests with tax payer money to foot the bill. We are surrounded by armed coercion forces to ensure physical obedience while the men behind the scenes, depriving us of our rights, our livelihood and our dignity, decide decree and engineer our descent into serfdom.

1984 is behind us, we are already being put, one by one into room 101 through the "proper channels."
Have another piece of cake.