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Does he make his predications using a crystal ball or reading the cards because for the past twenty or thirty years no “great general” has predicated anything correctly.

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" I fail to see the difference between them and reporters. "

Open your eyes Richard.
A free press, which we no longer have, is indispensable in a functioning democracy.
Drug dealers and pimps are not.

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You must be Rip Van Winkle

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We who are still suffering from the consequences of our civil war that lasted from 1861-1865 have now provoked crisis, havoc and incalculable physical and mental damage to huge swaths of the Middle East, Afghan and African populations.
The children who survive are victims of aggression, famine and blind indifference. Their lives are ruined while our exceptional president in our exceptional country boasts of his killing skills.
What does that make us?

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Endless war now being named "New World Order"
A new vocabulary for tyranny.

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Perhaps we could dip our fingers in a different colour ink on each highway to prove we have been "controlled?
At what point to animals being led to the slaughter house realize that something is wrong?

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Money talks; money is power.
Netanyahou wants both an gets both any way he can.
Congress has sold itself like the junkie it is to Bibi's rich buddies.

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It is not that it is contrary to our "values".
It is a wxar crime - a war crime for which no one is ever punished.
The "MOB" in Washington walks free..

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The age old policy of "divide and rule”.
It is being applied world wide and domestically using the "wedge issues" to prevent people from preferring their own well-being and that of others to fanatical ideology.
The psychopaths rule and people follow like brain-dead zombies.

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When have we ever seen better system will the day?
The power-mad win becuse for them the end justifies the means and there is no limit to the sacrifices they are willing to demand of others.