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Bulldozer Bibi like James Cagney screaming "I'm on top of the world."

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We must do much more that pray if there is ever to be any change in the burden weighing down all human aspiration.

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Bought - or bought and black mailoed?

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"Congress will kill any nuclear deal reached."

That at least is true. This is a big bad killer Congress.
Snowballs or no snowballs, just imagine what they could do if they had drones like the president.
Why with a Congress like this one we won't have permanant war but endless wars.
It's like everyday is another killer Xmas.

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So now Obama is the Commander-in-Chief of Iraq and Iran.
No wonder he looks so "poorly"... he must be overworked

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Courage is not given to many people but enough money is distributed to insure that Israel's little Bibi can place the bar as high as he wants.
Schumer doesn’t have to jump, he tap dances.

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Is there still something left in Iraq to destroy?
There are so many other countries and continents whee we can "kill at will".

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This is certainly the most useless and dumbest congress ever!

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Does he make his predications using a crystal ball or reading the cards because for the past twenty or thirty years no “great general” has predicated anything correctly.

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" I fail to see the difference between them and reporters. "

Open your eyes Richard.
A free press, which we no longer have, is indispensable in a functioning democracy.
Drug dealers and pimps are not.