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Perhaps we could dip our fingers in a different colour ink on each highway to prove we have been "controlled?
At what point to animals being led to the slaughter house realize that something is wrong?

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Money talks; money is power.
Netanyahou wants both an gets both any way he can.
Congress has sold itself like the junkie it is to Bibi's rich buddies.

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It is not that it is contrary to our "values".
It is a wxar crime - a war crime for which no one is ever punished.
The "MOB" in Washington walks free..

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The age old policy of "divide and rule”.
It is being applied world wide and domestically using the "wedge issues" to prevent people from preferring their own well-being and that of others to fanatical ideology.
The psychopaths rule and people follow like brain-dead zombies.

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When have we ever seen better system will the day?
The power-mad win becuse for them the end justifies the means and there is no limit to the sacrifices they are willing to demand of others.

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I feel the same way about the US.
I am outraged and ashamed that so many millions of American children are on food stamps or homeless when not both. I am outraged to see the wealth flaunted in the face of an abandoned population where family violence will take victims.
I am outraged when I wake up in the morning and think of all the children blown to bits by American drones.
And I am especially outraged to see the political use being made of abducted girls who had they been disintegrated by presidential order would have been called collateral damage.

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I think that not only does the world regard the US as a "Pariah state" but that we have become one, living only by our own secret agenda and destroying any country that is unwilling to become a vassal to our global power.
We no longer have friends or even real allies just subjugated states snuggling up to power like the UK or sucking us dry like Israel. The others are lesser entities allowing themselves to be humiliated, none of whom possess a single statesman willing to speak the truth to their people or refrain from participating in the blood lust dand power-mad frenzy that is devouring the US.

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Some people mellow with age some do not...
Brzezinski just continues clinging to his lifelong obsessions, especially "destroy Russia."
Fortunately for Poland they had Chopin because the black sites, the war mongering and the Napoleonic objectives of this survivor of the cold war do not bode well for Poland or the world.

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Fare well? Did his three year old daughter "fare well"?
There is no longer any question of justice in the old USA.
Those who have, get and keep and "fare well " in their perverted life-style while the "leftovers" bow their heads and obey.
Will there be a revolt?

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The Republic is not sliowly crumbling; we are living in its ruins and in history no empire has ever come back from military expansion and political corruption.
The desire to protect freedom and civil rights has been replaced by arrogance, indifference, greed and cupitidy.