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This is freaking awesome. Good job guys. An inspiration for all.

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Valid points. I am just not convinced the class would make a difference either way for good or bad owners unfortunately.

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I agree that if it's the rule you have to abide which is why I took the class right away.
The reality though is that I didn't learn a single thing in the class and it was a total waste of time. Even the instructors basically laughed through the whole class and apologized for us having to be there.

I have hiked thousands of miles on those trails and in all those years I might have seen one bad dog, and even that wasn't that bad.
I think this was a reaction to having power and being overly dramatic.

The poop bags people leave are bad though, I am on board for cleaning those up!

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I took the class and it was a huge waste of time. Id like my money back.

and this.."We want people to know that this is not something you can put off to the last minute and have a class available at the most convenient time for you."

You better plan on it because that's what's going to happen. Plus all the people who arent on line all the time and have no idea they even need to take this ridiculous class.
You should be happy anyone took the class at all.

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ugh. please no.

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This might be one of the craziest stories I have read on here besides the sidewalk chalk story a few years back.
You gotta be kidding me...? rebuilding a crap shack??

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Don't feel like you have to come... Just sayin'.
Your commercials are way way way more than enough.

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uh..... huh??

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Given the world we live in it's amazing to me that Big League Chew is still a thing.
This is total BS if you ask me.
I'd say there are much bigger issues out there right now for kids such as obesity. This is like trying to solve bullying! ha! good luck.

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Are those gold plated hand-cuffs? La-ti-da... fancy!

"Pelham is charged with first-degree felony murder, second-degree murder with a deadly weapon, first-degree assault on an at-risk victim, aggravated robbery and first-degree burglary."

The fact he was let out at all is pretty amazing.