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"Their lease is up," Tebo said. "We've got a lot of interest from some other people with new ideas and concepts and we decided it's time to go with one of those new concepts."

great, more crap on the mall. im sure the new concept will be awesome, and sterile, and expensive.
"keep boulder trendy"
So in the end two guys really do own boulder.

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The funny part is that he never even had his hands up. Nothing like canonizing a thug who robbed a store, beat up a cop, then got shot for it. I am not the biggest fan of the police but I think the public is completely wrong in this one.
It so frustrating how much people act on emotion rather than fact. Even if they were presented the facts they wouldn't believe them anyway.
It's pretty clear that the cop was in the right here. They carry real guns and are trained to use them.
Look up Tueller drills. It's proven that in the span of about 1.5 seconds, an assailant can cover ~21 feet to stab/attack someone.

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wow, that was pretty inappropriate. You might disagree with boulder's policies, and most people do, but to wish 400 people to die in a gutter, alone, is pretty harsh man. I hope you never have to suffer that fate.

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they should have stuck with Vail.

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I like the sign and the history but I find the Empire to be overpriced, especially for what you get. We ordered bacon wrapped dates once for something like $12 and we got 3 dates.
It's too bad too because I think the food is kind of decent but just way too expensive. Especially for the restaurants around them. You don't want to be that one restaurant that sticks out like a sore thumb. It's bad for business.

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It's a bummer they only partnered with Vail for the one season. I am not a fan of Vail Resorts as a company but it was nice having it on my pass.

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"With an issue so polarizing such as this, gathering as much information as possible is important,"

2012 called, they want their quote back.
Come on, get with the times. That discussion is long past.

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16 huh? it's too bad she can't know what she put her mother through in this ordeal.
in this day and age, its lucky she reappeared at all. what a brat. there are no words for the repercussions of her actions.
That being said, I don't know anything about this family so who knows what side of the crazy fence they fall on.
All I know is that I feel for the mom, without knowing the whole story.

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I couldn't believe I saw a tip jar a shop!!! thats crazy.

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That is a very disjointed article. What were they protesting? what does it have to do with guy fawkes? how was it connected to anonymous? What is a million mask march??