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I heard it costs more to shop there than Beyonce spent on her wedding.
Seriously though, I heard it's REALLY expensive, even more so than whole foods... crazy.

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If you build it, (more) will come.

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It's really bad near the water right now. I had about 10 mosquitoes on me at any given time.

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I had no idea this place existed, but I am super excited to find out about it!!!!

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Ive climbed the north face and I dont get how he could do it with no gear at all, let alone think it was a good idea. It's amazing the situations people put themselves into. Glad he made it out safe and sound. Long live the rescue team.

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Well, I don't know the ins and outs but I do know WD has great customer service. If I need a new can, or a different size, they are out the next day with a clean one, and take my old one, even if it's filled.

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yeah, bail on the one that actually matters/makes sense and people really want. smart.

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Isn't this the same area as the homeless palace? I mean, project? I mean, shelter? I mean, affordable housing?

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People... always ready to complain about something.

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Not to be troll-like but....Ugh, let the craziness begin. This is a really stupid idea. I am sorry....
It's like telling people who have a speeding ticket that they have to go to driving school. Talk about faking it through a day.
Total waste of time and resources. How about putting that money toward better parking for S. Mesa and other TH's.