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Marketing people (like me) tend to be the most skeptical of other marketing because we know the thought and intent put into this kind of communication. Supplying children with water bottles requires a great deal of advanced thought and strategy and it was certainly done on purpose. I think we all agree it's a great idea for children to have reusable bottles and it is, for sure, a win for Encana to arm the children of parents fighting the company with branded items. In fact, I would assume the money was likely donated for the sole purpose of putting the brand in the hands of the kids. This is how marketers think!

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Stop calling it global warming and think of it as global weirding. Maybe you can understand it better then.

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Were you here when the woman claimed to be gang raped by an Asian gang? There were some skeptics until they found the suspects (thanks to her detailed memory) and the gang members were arrested. Ultimately, you don't know--so why comment?

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Actually, you're both wrong--add together. "It's 25 square miles surrounded by reality." And Boulder actually is, about 25 square miles.

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We won't forget you, little one.

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I know her. She's not a transient. This was a random attack on a stranger.

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He is a class act and was always one of my favorite major newsman. Good luck, Tom.

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I didn't. It was the photo on the homepage. I only clicked on the story to share my disappointment in the photo. I guess we just have to keep seeing these kinds of images in the world we live in today. It's so very sad and I send my condolences.

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I really don't need to see photos of people in pain.

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