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Actually, you're both wrong--add together. "It's 25 square miles surrounded by reality." And Boulder actually is, about 25 square miles.

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We won't forget you, little one.

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I know her. She's not a transient. This was a random attack on a stranger.

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He is a class act and was always one of my favorite major newsman. Good luck, Tom.

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I didn't. It was the photo on the homepage. I only clicked on the story to share my disappointment in the photo. I guess we just have to keep seeing these kinds of images in the world we live in today. It's so very sad and I send my condolences.

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I really don't need to see photos of people in pain.

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Where do we get their amazing food then? Such a great place--my family is sad to see it go!

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Marian is a wonderful and helpful coach, in person and in writing.

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They definitely did not "go door to door." We watched them in our neighborhood go to one home, then they'd drive to another, then drive across the neighborhood, then back to our street. We had 4 trucks in our neighborhood at one point, all just driving back and forth. Their system should be set up so that if an entire neighborhood goes out, they can map who calls and be able to go door to door for those who have reported problems. I realize this was a "crippling" failure, but perhaps Xcel can figure out how to export their datebase to an Excel spreadsheet (no pun intended) and sort by address. That would have been much more effective for the 300 people working in bitter cold.