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[Jesus] said there would be deceivers. He said those deceivers would cause Christians who remain true to His teachings to become reviled. He said false prophets would follow to deceive even more, and that lawlessness will abound.

Hmmm. "Causing them to become reviled", you say?
Lemme go read again about all those Xtian death threats against Planned Parenthood clinics (and the ice cream shops that support them.) And the Xtian threats against buses full of brown kids.

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Let’s all pour one out on poor oppressed Bob Eschliman.


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I think we are EXACTLY at Dok's 2-year anniversary, if you count from the now-classic Breitbart-in-armor article.

Happy Wonkday, Dok!

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"longstanding" = since about a year ago

Maybe we should add this to the Wonktionary.

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Maybe George can convince all those right-wing fuckwits that the FEMA camps won't be so bad after all.

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NRA, or The Onion?

It's impossible to tell.

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"Either they will have to dig deeper into their own pockets to pay the full cost of their insurance, or taxes will have to be raised on all of us to make up the difference."

Ummm . . . how exactly would higher taxes "make up the difference" after losing a taxpayer-funded subsidy?

GOP morons - whatchagonnado?

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Insurance companies are people too, my friend. Nasty, pitiless, selfish people, who probably have some deeply held religious convictions -- or will develop them as necessary under prevailing circumstances.

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Hmm ... electric bike? It's other than muscle powered!
Bike with training wheels? Hey, that's four wheels!

They can really run with these new rules... so long as their running shoes aren't too sophisticated.

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It's ironically named.