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You were not wrong in the least. Now you just need to showcase those shoes doing heel-toeing in every review video you post. Even if it's an auto just put a shot of your shoe doing a shuffle down there.

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Damnit! Sorry for the accidental downvote. How's Newport these days anyways?

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I'm sorry.

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It certainly won't stop going. I had bought it for a job I no longer have. It is pretty handy, but the little things that it needs aren't worth my time. Someone else can break it in!

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I won't lie, the attractiveness of the Fiesta 1.0 is pretty high. I was originally eyeballing the Fiesta ST, but it's out of my price range. The 1.0 is in the sweet spot for economy, price, and fun. There are some kits in the UK that really up the power of the little engine without sacrificing longevity or economy for far less than an ST whily putting it in ST performance category. I don't know if I would go that route, but if it got boring 5 years in, it could be a fun way to bring back the fun without a large investment.

A lot of the smaller cars I've driven, I just don't enjoy the ride on. I do enjoy a good Yaris, but where I live in Massachusetts (and it seems all of New England) there is hefty premium on used Yaris' in good condition and low mileage.

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Yep! I have all the parts for the Eagle already. I just have to travel an hour and a half and find the time when I work on it. My truck has some rust issues that need to be addressed as well and I've just hit my limit with the ford fiddler mentality. I'd rather just deal with the AMC for being fiddly.

Very true, I've been keeping my out for something that fits the bill and is cheaper, but it's just not around.

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I'm thinking it's the most logical option.

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I'm not a fan of these things. Yet, the el cheapo star wars party in the millenium falcon cockpit sun shade for your windshield? Love it! I guess I like more over-the-top tacky crap.

On another note: I'm shopping for a new vehicle as I don't need my truck anymore. I have multiple options. Let's go through them and I would like to be talked into, and out of each option.

1. Keep my truck and repair the exhaust. About $1000. 1999 ford ranger extended cab with 140k miles on it.
2. Repair my AMC Eagle and use it as my daily driver. 1987 with 77k miles.
3. Trade in my truck for a 2015 Fiesta hatchback with the 1.0 turbo I3.
4. Trade in my truck for a strong running classic to use in conjunction with the eagle.

Or some bizarro combination.
2015 Fiesta isn't out yet, so I'll have to wait a little bit. I have to put back in a manual trans into the eagle. I'm just a little lazy. And it needs some sub-frame repair. I had been leaning towards just getting a Fiesta, but riding around in a Jeep Commando or Baja Bug is mildy attractive and perhaps cheaper.


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Along those lines:
"100% original, recent respray and motor rebuilt XXXX miles ago."

"Runs great. Will need to be towed."

"Rust free Arizona car!"

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You forgot Connecticut!

Being a masshole, I found it funny, but CT residents might not share in the laughs.