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I wouldn't be averse to a Ford roadster with the new 1.0L in it. Hell, why not go full nutty and make it resemble a Ford roadster hot rod of yore with exposed wheels like the Prowler. Just tiny.

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Funny, I would call this Lagonda a number 2.

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and I'll just reply to myself and save you all the trouble.

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186.2 inches.

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I used to have this plastic/rubber dog turd back when. Let's call it a replica dog turd. Most people had the same reaction to it, without knowing if it was a turd from an original pressing or the replica turd. My own reaction here would not really matter if this was an original. This replica is enough to engage a similar part of my brain the way that my replica dog turd engaged most people's brain's that stumbled across it.

The fact that it could probably kill me does up my interest a bit though, I won't lie about that.

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Unlike Bigfoot, efforts to capture a Ninja on film have been more successful.

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The bubblegum is where the money's at.

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You were not wrong in the least. Now you just need to showcase those shoes doing heel-toeing in every review video you post. Even if it's an auto just put a shot of your shoe doing a shuffle down there.

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Damnit! Sorry for the accidental downvote. How's Newport these days anyways?

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I'm sorry.