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2 stories:

#1 In high school on the way to school (took me 1.5 hours) I got pulled over driving my mom's mitsubishi mirage. (great car! got totalled by some old lady that wasn't paying attention, no one was hurt.) I had no idea why the cop pulled me over as I wasn't speeding or doing anything out of the ordinary. "License and registration please." Ok, I hand it over. Cop comes back, "I am so sorry to have pulled you over, I am looking for a car with similar plates and description. I hope I didn't keep you from anything!" Nice guy but a weird case of mistaken identity.

#2 I am deliberately speeding. Yes, I know it's wrong, it was late at night and I wanted to get home. I was going 10 over on a back road with a speed limit of 40. A car comes and as it goes by I see it's a cop. Damn, he's pulling me over for sure. I see him turn around in my rearview. I slow down and he catches up and pulls me over. I'm driving my girlfriend's car with out of state plates and have my gps on as I wasn't quite sure on the route even though I had been at my friend's place a bunch. Cop asks for my license and registration and comes back and asks what I'm donig and who's car is this. I tell him it's my girlfriend's car and I was just visiting some friends. He assumes, because of the plates and GPS, that I'm not from around there. He says to slow down and just be aware of speed limits and lets me on my way. Go figure. Now I always have my GPS/phone on plain sight when driving anywhere.

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That dude is 5'10".

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One of my friends had one of those magic sugar packets that are impossible to open. The packet, it turns out, is made of kevlar. You can't rip it open. I managed to open it in about 15 seconds. The seams were just glued together. That taught us both a very important lesson about what's "impossible" or "tear-proof."

This thing could be easily flipped over and just as easily "opened" as that sugar packet.

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I find the E-type ungainly and disproportionate. Would I drive one? Hell yes, because people would think something special of me. This strangely only applies to the E-type. The XJ-S I just want to bend around a telephone pole in the best way possible.

Long-term, I'd live with a Morgan.

I wouldn't kick an orange Montreal out of bed though.

p.p.p.p.s Any Alfa. Just show up and it's happening.

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"I brought something fancy to their teaching center"

I double dog dare you to bring a junkyard piece back there and see what they can do. Something new is easy. Something as beat up and old as you or me is really going to sell it.

The headlight stuff is cool. Even so; only lasting a year isn't worth it to me. Unless that headlight assembly is 1 of 1, I'm going to find some else so I won't have to worry/think about it for at least 5 years.

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I haven't met many people from Russia, but none of them would fit in this.

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It looks like the bomb already went off.

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I just bought a 2015 Fiesta with the 1.0L! So far I've put 1000 on it since I've had it. Great mileage on the highway, around town is still kinda meh but it gets better as the engine gets used.

I found myself in some slight traffic trouble as a giant SUV was going much faster around a rotary than it should have been and than I accounted for, so I mashed the pedal to get myself out of the way and it went like stink!

Definitely loving it and a large part of looking at it was due to your review Jeff.

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Sounds like less fun to me