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I just bought a 2015 Fiesta with the 1.0L! So far I've put 1000 on it since I've had it. Great mileage on the highway, around town is still kinda meh but it gets better as the engine gets used.

I found myself in some slight traffic trouble as a giant SUV was going much faster around a rotary than it should have been and than I accounted for, so I mashed the pedal to get myself out of the way and it went like stink!

Definitely loving it and a large part of looking at it was due to your review Jeff.

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Sounds like less fun to me

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That was halfway interesting! Just kidding, it was all the way. I always like these small odd spots of what-once-was. I wouldn't be surprised if people, like American Pickers, have started mining these towns of what's interesting and really turning them into ghost towns.

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Will it have a craft beer fridge to keep my beer cold that I purchase from a brewery that only sells out the door on Wednesday mornings and is three hours away from me and will only sell 1 case per customer? Will it have rotating floor mats that clean themselves? Will the media system have a noise cancellation system that selects the best song to match my mood based on out of date Pitchfork recommendations and then matches the tone to my screaming toddler in the back so I can pull up to a Starbucks drive-through to order a gourd spiced caffeine delivery liquid and be heard over the intercom?

I'm the next-gen more money than sense new wave aging hipster dad that buys my clothes from men's boutiques that you've never heard of and aren't on the guest list for. I'm the business woman that won't be buying a mercedes or bmw because I want to stand out. I get my groceries from mixed bag internet order organic farms that outsource their radicchio because the soil isn't perfect on the heavy metal contaminated lot that they bought from the city for a screaming deal because you can't build or farm on it.

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What are they looking at? Is anyone actually looking at the car in that ad?

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Being a New Englander, I'm a fan. I'm not a fan of people that don't know how to use them or willfully choose to ignore how they work due to fear or being a jerk.

Here's one for you: In Greece, if you are in the rotary/roundabout/circle you yield to incoming traffic! Of course, you'll probably get hit trying to not run over the dogs that sleep in the street but that's another story.

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Night at the Roxbury said it was OK

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It's a trick of the brian. You read the comments, see a name, make your own comment and it's the first name that comes to the top of your head.