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Informative points, Joel. I would add that using emotional intelligence with colleagues and team members to determine the value of a meeting, for example. It cannot be one-sided or it may be viewed as shutting the other person down.

I like your do-it-in-batches idea. Also, if one is feeling overwhelmed or pressured, self management is effective here. Consider 15-minute increments to assign to a task at hand. Determine how many increments you may need to assign. Set a timer and take a quick stretch or walk out of your office after completing the entire one.

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Thank you, All, for the pertinent comments. As an executive coach and business analyst, I would add an essential point—how the review is framed creates the context of value for both the manager and the team member. Before a review is conducted, I recommend to managers to discuss the process at a staff meeting. Emphasize the learning benefits and support that derive from the review. This is no time for punitive attitudes to maximize the results and for the feedback to have impact. Also, quarterly or "trimester" reviews are better for course corrections and adjustments. My measure of success is that the team member leaves more whole from the experience and take the learning forward. MC

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The barbs are flying!
I see it simply as Friedman coming from a scarcity perspective and how corporations, although powered by people, are profit machines. Rather than seeing the possibilities, this type of thinking pushes the beholder to want to get to the head of the line and get theirs first. Plus, with such perspective, the leaders have the mandate, from the likes of Friedman and followers, not to be aware of their impacts—That's what we see today.

Unfortunately, principles of corporate citizenship and how to treat employees became diluted, and there was no "human" connection left, just profit seeking. That's why I follow Peter Drucker, instead, who contends that the purpose of a company is to create customers (ultimately producing profits) and directing focus and resources to that end. The bean counters have a limited perspective and have a hard time "relating" to the human condition. They slash headcount without knowing there is a person under that number.

I've coached in such environments, and it is negative. Other than the innovation leaders, Titanic-type corporations are slow to respond to the social environment. It will catch up with them.

Remove the politics, and remember there is a person, family and community member under the numbers. MC

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Gone are the days of communication skills being relegated to "soft skills." On its way out is the business model where the bean counters lock themselves away until the annual meeting and jockey numbers all day. Gretchen captures the essence of what is required.

As a business coach, I advocated that starting with managerial level personnel, people must participate in an annual communication building activity. Then, they must practice and be scored on a 360-degree evaluation. What a difference they will experience in their unit performance and stress levels!

Thanks, Gretchen for your valuable reminders. MC

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Thanks for the insightful article and comments. My coaching company is often called upon to train multi-generations working together, and it can be challenging. For this example, my research shows that the person most present, whether the owner, manager, must set the tone and boundaries in the first presentation, live or video. My Casting Call" hiring system has each prospect "audition" for the position. By doing that, you're able to test values and actual responses during the process. Be sure the hiring manager is the shining example of what is wanted as a model of the company! MC