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They must be rolling this out really slowly. I don't see this at all when I view the Market website.

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Never saw anything like this before, and I drive I-395/Pratt St/Gay St/I-83 every Monday evening after bowling (and have for 4 years now, Sept - Apr).

At Howard and Conway streets, many police cars w/lights and sirens heading toward the Hilton. Several groups of young people moving about, crossing streets haphazardly. (mostly moving opposite the direction of the police cars).

On Pratt Street, more groups on every block, as well as police cars and a few paddy wagons.

On Gay Street, more groups, but fewer police cars. Lots of folks waiting at bus stops, especially the one right before the JFX underpass.

This was not the same vibe I get when driving through the area after a ballgame or other event. I can only imagine how this might have degraded had their actually been an event at the stadiums or the harbor that evening.

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It works. I'm running Goggles (v1.2.1) on my original Droid. Did a Google image search on my desktop PC and found an unsolved puzzle. Snapped a photo using Goggles, and once it was recognized it as a Sudoku puzzle, it was solved in less than 5 seconds.

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Ms Edwards: I am a government contractor. Have you noticed the economy lately? While it may be technically true that we are not under a pay freeze, my personal experience, along with those of my coworkers, for the past few years, indicates otherwise.

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I have Blackberry Torch at work to evaluate. It's very snappy, and has some interesting features and UI enhancements. It's what RIM should have done instead of the godawful Storm, but making it exclusive to AT&T was a really bad idea imho.

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As long as they don't force the VCast store as exclusive (i.e. prevent me from using the Android Market, or installing my own apps), I don't care what they do.

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Good. Maybe finally one will be able to actually read PDFs on a Blackberry, instead of viewing them full page and vainly attempting to zoom in to any kind of readable level.

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Even if your invite was irrevocably deleted, I think you could still get into the App Inventor pages as long as you have the relevant links mentioned in articles from a few weeks ago.

I got my invite last night, and while I've used several different programming languages and IDEs, I must say I'm really impressed w/App Inventor: in minutes I completed the 'Hello Purr' tutorial and made some interesting variations on it.

Easy-to-build doesn't necessarily translate into useful apps, however, and my fear is the market being flooded with poorly designed apps from newbie developers who have no little or no knowledge about effective GUI design and event-driven programming.

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I'm sorry - if Verizon goes through with this (which they probably will), they only valid response is "DROID DOESN'T". VZW's forced $9.99 data plan for regular phones already has me ticked off, but I will wait to see what they offer, and if they grandfather the current unlimited plan.

If I don't like what I see, then when my two years up (or if I can break my contract w/out penalty), I will seriously consider switching my 2 smart phone, and 3 other phones to Sprint.

Clearly AT&T and (perhaps soon, VZW) have really hoodwinked customers by selling, advertising, and encourage smart phone use for anything and everything, and then changing the required plans in a way that discourages such use. Seems like something that states' attorneys general should be investigating.

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<3 Love it <3 Love it <3 Love it <3

I curse when I pick up a smartphone that doesn't have it. I've gotten a lot of non-techie people hooked on Droid, and when I show them Swype they are ecstatic at the speed at which they can create text. In its vertical orientation, I've always found Swype to be much faster than tapping.

The only time I've found swyping to be (just slightly) more time consuming than tapping is when my Droid is horizontally oriented. That's when you really notice a word like 'soak' that has a lot of back and forth action. Swype's technique is derives the most benefit when the keyboard is as compact as possible.

I believe it is mentioned in the forums on Swype's website that somebody actually broke the texting world record using Swype.

I wouldn't be surprised if that were true.