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Heckuva way to support the folks who helped rebuild Louisiana after Katrina. These are fellow human beings in dire need of some compassion, just like the folks who migrated to this hemisphere from Europe for similar reasons (except of course they don't have the same white complexion). This is a humanitarian crisis, not a political sideshow, not a time or place to stir up xenophobia and hatred for political gain. Congress needs to get back to Washington DC and DO THEIR JOB.

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There are many factual errors and erroneous assumptions made by the writer of the article as well as by many of the people who replied here. Some are innocent errors, but many are simply hateful comments with no basis in reality.

Mexico is not a violent country. We don't have multiple incidents of schoolchildren carrying out massacres, we are not at war with anyone, we do not have jihadists looking to kill our citizens, and we have no nuclear weapons pointed at us. Confusing the violence between rival narcos for anything different than any violence between rival street gangs in the USA is not helpful and is erroneous. Let's not even get into why the US's narcotics problem is being fought in Mexico. This is not the place.

Mexico is a much safer place to visit and to live than Miami or Los Angeles or New York or many popular tourist destinations in the USA and Caribbean. That is a fact.

Spring breakers on drinking binges tend to do harm to themselves. That is also a fact.

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While I am truly sorry that Zeke Rucker apparently seriously injured himself while on a spring break vacation in Cancún, I can't help but notice the xenophobia and prejudice that taint both the writer of the article as well as many persons who responded here.

To bribe Mexican officials and then accuse Mexicans of being corrupt is disingenuous and hypocritical. It takes two to carry out such acts of corruption, and obviously because of some xenophobic stereotype the US citizens involved forewent any pretense at having their documents in order or in being in compliance with Mexican laws. Otherwise there would have been no need to "grease any palms".

It was for some reason incorrectly reported that Mexican hospitals demand payment up front. That is simply not true. What IS asked for is a manner of making payment, as would be done in any US hospital. It is again absurd to assume a hospital can demand payment up front for services that it has not yet rendered.