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Good Luck, Bree.

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HA! As am I Al, as am I. The politcal aspect of Engaged Buddhism I find difficult to accept. However, the Three guiding principles of the Zen Peacemakers I find to be applicable in many situations.

My constant disagreement with the term "Engaged Buddhist" is that all Buddhists are ,by the definition of their practice, engaged. Some socially, some on the homefront, some at work and some politically. All buddhists are engaged Buddhists to some extent.

I brought this up in a post a while back and got absolutely reamed by some other bloggers for misrepresenting Engaged Buddhism. Not one of them wanted to admit that it was based on liberal politics (which is fine, I am a liberal myself) but by its own essense is then exclusive to those with differing politcal leanings.

Unless, of course, Engaged Buddhists start protesting abortion clinics and taking up more conservative causes. Which they won't ... because it is a liberal left leaning group.

Thanks again Al!

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I imagine that an english version would come out but don't know when.

Also Dogen: The Movie which I would very much like to see.

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Hmmmm....didn't even think about it but there are some Buddhist/Taoist themes. Ugh, the movie just killed me though.

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I love these earth-science related dharma posts. As a Buddhist and a student of Geology (paleontology in particular) I love the mix of science and dharma.

That being said, I hope the earth and the Japanese people begin to heal and recover quickly from the events of the past week.

John <a href="http://www.greatplainsbuddha.com" target="_blank">www.greatplainsbuddha.com

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I disagree with life at conception as well but I enjoy the Buddhist point of view of responsibility at and after conception. We are responsible for our karma. We are responsible for what actions we take and how they effect others. It is a wonderful and heavy responsibility but not one that I wish to take away from a pregnant woman.

What I presented was what I found to be the usual Buddhist take on abortion and what my personal view is.


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She is actually one of my fav. atheist youtubers. The only other one that holds a candle is thunderf00t. If those two had a lovechild it would destroy the heavens and the earth.

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"You can find false teachers everywhere, not only in America. "

No doubt but it seems that they would be called out quicker in Tibet or India since Buddhism is more deeply ingrained into the culture that here. While here money, marketing and "BIG" personalities are often more (not important necessarily) but garners more influence. I know that same thing happens elsewhere.

From the gauge of my own mind a teacher becomes less and less important. They more and more seem as lost, unenlightened and ineffectual as myself. Worthless? No. But only one small part in the support of a personal practice. No more important than a meditation group, loving parents, intent or a rock in the backyard.

My main point is that evaluation needs to come before infatuation when looking at teachers. Rejecting teachers outright is an infatuation of sorts as well.

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Very nice, Roger. Thanks for the information. Neither model is more perfect but some models fit better into our personal preferences,



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whoa. I doubled up on my dosage just reading that.

If it made you give more then wonderful. You obviously weighed your choices out well.

I just don't give to the Salvation Army because there organization is homophobic and use their funds to influence public policy. That, of course, is fine for a lobbying group but for a charity? No thanks. I am perfectly fine giving my money to a less judgmental charity.

Shit. Where is my retarded lynch mob. I know I left it somewhere....oh. there it is.