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Thanks marey! Really appreciate your comment!

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What is your scenario there? You use AD or LDAP? Or AD integrated with LDAP. I have never seen this kind of error, but seems like a problem somewhere at AD / LDAP rather than ACS.

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Hello guys and sorry for late reply. I was really / really busy in the last weeks so I needed to stay away from my blog. I hope I'll get back on track ASAP.

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OK dru, but if you're not a domain admin how can you add a new member / machine to the domain?

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Thank you Scott for sharing this resource with us!

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Hello Azhar and thanks for visiting my page!

Can you copy / paste here the OSPF / Loopback configuration?

Also check the following:
#show ip route -> check if the and are on the routing tables on the opposite routers
#show ip ospf database -> if not in the routing table, check if the networks are in the OSPF database

Best would be that you show here some config and then I can help you.

Good luck!

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Hello Yuto,

What IOS version do you have on the Cisco 45K ?

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Which is the output of :

show frame-relay pvc

on both routers?

Are you running this in a emulated environment (Dynamips) or real equipment?

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Thanks Robert for your comment. I'll try to catch up with the second part, but in the last weeks I was busy with some projects that you could not neglect.

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Hello Oleg and thanks for your visit here. Of course it's OK to share, as long as links are about the same topics presented here. Actually it's very good that you have share, as lately I have so very less time to write on my blog, so users might find something interesting to read here.