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love love love this!
thank you!

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great article! oh and take off your damn shoes! the yoga room floor is clean!

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def a faux pas! people are already close enough. i really dont want people sweating and exhaling all over. it's travel. do your yoga in your seat. sheesh! (i am a yoga teacher i LIVE for sweat and breath but if you need to stretch on a plane- walk to the bathroom)

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really funny!

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i feel exactly the same way you do Joslyn.i really dislike this holiday i do not dress up, i hate costume parties and i dont like strangers in MASKS knocking on my door! i turn off my porch lights and encourage my dog to bark madly when someone knocks. . when we were kids our costumes were always BAD. my mother didnt want to deal with it or take the time with it either, so it was always a pitiful attempt to fit in. i dont understand why adults like to dress up and get drunk on this night- it seems ridiculous- and dangerous. especially for us 'normal' people who just want to run to the Kroger- but dont dare for all the (extra) drunk drivers on the road.

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oh good! another person who has decided THEY are the DECIDER of what "yoga is" and "yoga is not". this was such a great article... then i got to this comment. the first line makes me want to vomit. and by the last line... i actually did.

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the Reverse groove shorts are too short for me. (you sound a little like an "educator" yourself! ) and what is it with calling them "educators?. they are sales people... store clerks. and yes there is a LuLU in houston too. BUT the biker groove shorts were never offered in the store. it was pure chance that i found them online.

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gotta agree with Joslyn on this one. people grow... people move on.
sometimes people will take and take and take- and emotional vampires are exhausting.

i have a friend i am currently "avoiding" because she wears me out! there are no quick conversations - no "just checking in to say hey- i love you" phone calls. it's all drama- over analyzing - and every fricken detail of every fricken thing. too heavy and too much- is just too damn much. she called last week when she was clearly intoxicated and i "put her off" until this week. so far... her sober moments have kept her from calling. and i am glad. really glad. it's too hard.

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i need to read this every day. thank you.

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love it. made my day!