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Good stuff. Would love a free copy--I just finished Max Strength and got my numbers way up but ended up with a slightly rotated hip; working to stretch my right adductor and strengthen my left adductor to help it catch up in addition to dedicated oblique and lower abdominal work and posterior chain activation. The two-day a week program sounds great for when I jump back into grappling again as my main activity with weight training on the side.

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I'm actually really interested in Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy), which actually is said to cure disease (not just symptoms but the emotional precursor) by the concept of like treats like--sort of like a very tiny dose of negative self-talk on the energetic level. Hard to wrap my brain around, but I liken it to treating frostbite with mildly cool water instead of hot water, which causes further damage.
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This is pretty interesting. I always thought the opposite of aggressive positivity was interesting. Not that I'm advocating negative self-talk, but for me it can be helpful... just a tiny dose of it can kind of make me laugh and stop taking myself so seriously and get back to reality. But when you look at things like EFT, where people say the thing their monsters are saying over and over again while tapping... it seems to kind of take some of the power out of those fears in a way that ignoring/suppressing them through affirmations (etc.) just wouldn't.