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The person who sits next to you, despite the rest of the seats being totally unoccupied.

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My children, I must tell you something.
*click click*
I'm packing.

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How is Gil Eanes "in part to blame" for the slave trade?
Man's inhumanity to man is what creates a trade in slaves - a trade which had been going on for at least hundreds of years before he sailed. His discovery of the possibility of sailing past the equator may have made it quicker, easier and more profitable to trade in people, but a) someone else would have discovered the equator wasn't lethal if he hadn't; and b) he probably had very little, if any idea that his expedition would lead to a thriving trade in humans. It seems cruel to pin the blame for something so inhumane on someone who was literally and figuratively only trying to expand humanity's horizons.

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I think my favourite thing about this list (apart from it being a very well-researched, well-written, unbiased and topical list - thumbs way up, JF) is that of the comments that I dared read, most of them were nice. I always worry about religious lists, not because I have anything against them (shit, I study religion), but because I have a big mouth and a short fuse and reading ignorant comments shits me right up the wall.
Huge appreciation to all the non-douchebags today, and huge kudos to JFrater for an awesome list.
Now off to make my stroganoff and have a beer.

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That is clearly the happiest lizard in the world.

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Did any of you actually read the list properly, or just the title of each item? There's no way in hell it was written without a tongue firmly embedded in the cheek.

Terisa, frickin awesome list, dude, one of the most amusing ones I've seen on Listverse.

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Much as I really, really want one of these, this post loses cool points for getting "I've Got a Golden Ticket' from Willy Wonka stuck in my head.
I've been singing it for HOURS now *stabs ears with chopsticks*

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I'm the same, Rebecca. I wouldn't consider myself attractive. I'm not ugly, but I'm not hot either. I have a bogan voice and a big nose, but I'm cheeky, and flirty, and just weird enough that guys seem to like it. I don't know how or why I managed to work out how to flirt - my Mum is SO not like me - but I thank my lucky stars I have it, or I'd be screwed.
Or not.
You know what I mean. ;D

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Ahem. "No one takes Freud seriously."

The 40s porn thing sounds like a good idea though.

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Actually as wrong as Freud was about many things, many other concepts that he originally framed are still used today as the basis of psychology. He wasn't a complete idiot - just biased by his own experiences and seeing the world through his eyes only (like every one of us does).
It's the same for Jung. They were wrong about many things, but illuminated much and gave us plenty for the rest of society to expand upon. It's sort of like Isaac Newton said: "If I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
Ironically (or possibly not, I can never keep a track of how that word should be used - everyone tells me differently) he was paraphrasing something that had been said and repeated for hundreds of years before him.