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Privileged was a poor choice of words. I was more trying to discern where you felt his earlier apathy stemmed from.

And maybe because it hadn't affected him personally before, he hadn't ever thought to make an issue of it. I'm willing to bet that, sadly, most of this world doesn't have any direct empathy for bullied children, either because they haven't been bullied or don't know anyone affected by it.

He's still a kid! When I was that age, I didn't give a whit about bullies. I sat through the tolerance and bullying videos with glazed eyes like all my classmates. It was a faraway thing to me. It took one of my friends taking his own life my senior year of high school after being in such a state to realize what really went on. It means a hell of a lot more to me now, especially after I matured.

It would be nice if everyone realized from birth what words can do to people. Unfortunately, that's just not human nature, and many adults don't feel the need to teach their children better.

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Are you serious? The kid takes a public stand against a serious issue and you're going to slap him away because you view him as privileged and out of touch?

"We’re told Bieber will be going public — probably within the next week — to lend his support to the anti-bullying campaign."

There's an awful lot that could entail, not just a prepared statement. I'm not a Bieber fan at all, but he's trying to do a good thing here. How many straight celebrities actively stand up for gay rights, especially at such a young age?

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Blink's drummer is crucial. Tom Delonge can go play in a fire.

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From First To Last is by far the worst band I've seen live. They came to play a show at Virginia Tech with Emery and Down to Earth Approach, two bands I listened to while I was in college. Since we hadn't heard them before, my mates and I decided to check out their music beforehand. They were pretty good, sort of generic scene-metal, but they had a song called "Ride the Wings of Pestilence" that blew me away with an outro.

Little did I know, their original singer, Matt Goode, wanted to step back and focus on lead guitar, so they recruited some short, scenetastic warbler on MySpace to step out front. The guy is the most god-awful thing to ever happen to music. Here's one of his solo efforts:

Anyway, they picked him up right before they started touring. We go, they start the instruments blasting, and kids start stage-launching and hardcore dancing... it was a pretty good intro. Then this dwarfish priss starts singing... everyone slowly stops what they're doing and just start staring at him. Sensing he's losing the crowd, he runs to the edge of the stage, leans forward, strikes a Christ-like pose, and starts singing a song from Disney's Little Mermaid. Even the kids who were there to actually listen to this band were in total awe at his lack of stage presence. And I know THEY weren't drunk because they were apparently straight-edge.

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Great questions that derived great responses. It's always good to get a sense of the personality behind the work. Kudos to you for a well-played interview, and kudos to him for taking the time to give us insight into his career and his "blobbing."

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I hear alternately very good and very bad things about Layer Cake's previous. I've never had the good fortune to find out for myself. Having heard only good things about the '08 Malbec, however, I might have to make the effort and actively seek it out this weekend. Thanks for the review, Robert!

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Haha, I totally agree with Evan. That's one of those major victories that you'll be telling people about for years. When I got to the part where you said it leaked I did a double take, hoping, PRAYING that I'd misread and that you meant that word of the wine tasting had leaked to some people who weren't supposed to know about it. After I realized you meant the cork had crumbled, I was partially devastated. When you said it maintained its flavor, my joy did backflips in my head.

Very, very well described. I was definitely along for the ride.

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*slow clap* Well done, Brillo Pad... Well done.

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My two ideal wines have already been reviewed on my blog. The question is do I rewrite one for the event or find another wine I haven't yet reviewed that fits the bill? Sounds like I have some tasting notes to study.

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What kind of wing is it? I'm intrigued.