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I love the one hour cleaning idea - always makes me feel a little bit better! :)

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Red red red :) I've always related to that color!

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Not gonna lie - it's going to be a long time before I can give up coffee. But I'll definitely try out this recipe.

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I totally understand what you mean about the vitamin D, but wouldn't it be easier/less risky to just keep a sun lamp on in your house?
Anyways, that's all I'll say about that since I'm pretty sure practically every single comment above mine is about tanning!

I love reading through your blog and finding the recipes you use - the tofu looks awesome, and I'm intrigued about the cheezy dorito dip...although lately I find Dorito's kind of gross, so not so sure about that one! Haha. I do get cravings for them every once in awhile though :)

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glad you're okay after the issue with your car! i had a strange light come on once and then suddenly realized that the engine temperature was going up REALLY fast - i had to stop & get the car towed. it actually ended up having something wrong with a belt.

the flax oil dressing looks yummy! question about the corn in the microwave: i don't have a problem using microwaves really, but isn't it not so good to be putting the plastic in the microwave?

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i'm in :)

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LOVE paperback swap! i haven't used it in awhile but it's great.

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oh wait, i am planning on getting engagement photos done though. oops. hehe.
in my defense - i don't think they're unnecessary, lots of photographers include them in their wedding packages anyway, and i'm not getting them to put in the newspaper! i just want some fun, good quality photos of us in our normal clothes.

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this is awesome! the thing is, not only are these things a waste of our own money, everything we use for one night and then throw out is a complete waste of energy & resources.

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whoever wrote this speech, the line "the end of living and the beginning of survival" still breaks my heart.