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Isn't there a special word for the duskiness that come pre-dawn? I like to think that you're heading towards daylight rather than nighttime :) Certainly, the experiences you've been through recently seem like they belong to the darkest of dark nights.

Hugs to you, Doug and Winston, I hope that you manage to get some rest soon and recover mentally and physically.

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OK, I know we're not allowed to use the 'i' word, so I'll just say that this sound really cool, and incredibly impressive! And now I'll stop complaining about my walking in The Netherlands, which is basically flat, not to mention below sea level!

How I wish we had beautiful mountains like that here.

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I'm sitting here with my morning capuccino in a state of bliss - I love pictures of red blood cells, and the rest are really cool too! More, more!!

And the new layout is a winner - the smaller header is much better on my laptop screen than the old one was, btw.