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I'm looking forward to hearing what Napkin looks like this year.
When it launched, it seemed like a BRILLIANT idea!

Keep us posted!

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totally jealous you got a car ride with one of my kidmin heroes!

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Glad you retro posted this one - I had never seen it before.

Great post, friend!

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So... how did I not realize there was a giant picture of me plastered on your blog?!
It's humbling that you think I'm worth a collision.
Thanks, friend.

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hard to believe as it may be, speaking with dolphins is not as easy as it looks.

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CM Edge was a blast to contribute to!
Wayne, thanks for pushing us to consider relaunching!
My recent post My Friend, Steven

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Seriously, thank you for making my Friday morning that much more awesome.

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I'll be hanging with the bloggers in a more "unofficial" capacity.
Totally looking forward to some intentional connecting w/ you and a few other movers and shakers in the world of kidmin!

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quick commentary from the West Coast:

I love TOMS shoes.
I try to wear my pair as often as I can... especially when I'm interacting in ministry with children and families.
I will be wearing them in Atlanta at the Orange Conference.
That said...
TOMS shoes are great because they can be catalysts for conversations... but we probably also need to recognize that they're turning a massive profit by marketing pain and suffering. I love that they leverage something that people are already doing (buying/wearing shoes) in a way that positively impacts lives of children across the globe.
It's genius.
I use my TOMS to start conversations about supporting children through organizations like Compassion.
I'll be going barefoot tomorrow to do the same.

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I'm stealing the glow stick one for in-house use.
It's happening... just so you know.

(seriously, you could write a book "Snapping the Glow Stick" and everyone in the kidmin world would buy it)