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*Tell me I’m not the only one who starts worrying about the worst case scenario way too soon! *

Me too! At the first inkling of trouble I develop contingency plans for my contingency plans. It's good to do when there is actually trouble, but when Eric is sleeping off migraine meds and I'm scared to check on him in case he stroked out an hour ago, that's not so good!

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Feverfew is easy to grow and could maybe winter there if it's covered. The tea (leaves and flowers) is bitter and would need to blended with something sweet, like Stevia, but it's awesome for getting rid of headaches. (Alternatively, the flowers and leaves can be dried, powdered, and encapsulated, making the bitterness a non-issue, but I don't know if there are laws there prohibiting that.)

I drink herbal teas for taste and medicinal purposes, and I usually blend my own because pre-packaged teas don't have enough medicinal herb to do much good. You have to drink several cups to get the full benefit.

I know I have more to say, but life is getting in the way and muddling my brain. I'll pop back by later when things are a little calmer.

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It must be planet alignment or something because it's been crazy where I work, too. One of our gals is on vacation for her daughter's wedding, and we've had reservations half the week (a lot for us), but it's worked out OK because Alex has been working with us. Always nice when the kids can pick up extra cash that doesn't come from my pocket. Three more days and I can get a couple days off.