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I really think its way better and more creative to use ableton live instead this 700 bucks equipment thats a lot of money for such a controller and a software.

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they make a virus snow thats the one they have which is a bad ass little synth amazing.

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OMG they want 2000+ gran for this might as well go get a mac pro or better yet an iMac and its just the same ass specs only that you cannot get 8 terabytes in the mo Fo

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I have no idea how to use max for live but if I could create a patch like this I would definitely create some weird stuff I love what you could do with max but I have no idea about coding.

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definitely its a good approach in production, really its not about so much hey more sound more this and that its keeping the sounds as you started simple and working your way up to make it refine and polish.

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where can I get this plug in

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its a master piece and very unique, in sound.

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hey lets not put down such great times and music video, you gotta understand this was low budget film production with super 16mm. or even 16mm, plus we are talking about the 80´s and lets not say the 70´s Soul Train jesus thats old and I say that people had a different view of Art and it was so raw, I remember this song perfectly it was my favorite still is and how much music has evolved you could actually hear that old saturated Tape analog feel to the sound very warm, now its crisp and very digital and now film is with all this digital production, most of the time its not even shot on location but in a green studio. Lets not say that to make special effects back then was so raw, and lots of in camera tricks. Now with a computer its done with just a simple mouse click.

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wow very simple plugin but massive effective.