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Wow - what an absurd thing fro Apple to say. That's ridiculous. I help a local non-profit and we have the ability to track who buys what with whatever form of payment they choose. We are run by volunteers. Surely if WE can figure it out, they can. Right?

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I fear that, as well. That's why we should build a team of people (I'll be on it!) that won't shut up about it until people have been taken care of! Thank you for all that you do and for reminding us that there is still lots of work and that EVERY VOLUNTEER IS NEEDED!

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I think that I am a Martha for sure. I totally know how you're feeling. It's weird because, honestly, I am "envious" of the Mary's. As an example - this year, for Ellie's Run, I took a step back because of everything going on. Um - let's talk about how hard it is for me to go to events that I didn't plan. I am always like, well, who did this? or, how is this going to happen? It's a struggle. Sigh. Maybe you can teach me how a Martha can be a Mary. PS - I really sound like a control freak, don't I? Probably something I need to be praying more about :)