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Well hello there everyone!!! Just popping by.... Thought I would wish everyone good luck!!!! I am still wishing the winner to be a blogger!! How it comes true!!! There is so many deserving bloggers!!!!! Miss all of you.. how is the winner of the Green home doing? Anyone know? god bless all of you....Good luck!!!

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Hi there. He almost looks like George Clooney!!!!!

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I will need to say that I think it could be the beaches of California!!!!! Could I be right? Maybe? Did anyone click onto the name in the photo of the leaf? The map will come up...And boom!!! We are at the beaches of the West Coast!!! Or is it that it was to throw us off track?

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Hello everyone!!! I have missed my buddies... I hope this time, it will be a blogger. You all deserve it!!!!
I have decided not to get so crazy about entering everyday. Good luck to everyone...<3

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Oh??? Am I really here? Hello everyone just thought I would say hello!!!! HELLO!!!!<3 Need to catch up I had a change of service..

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hey guys!!!! Well the Green home is about completely gone..I miss everyone!!!! I really enjoyed the green home blog. This one seems so big!!!LOLI hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and God bless all!!!

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Oh my..... That is too sad.... if you talk to her tell her my thoughts are with her and her father.. my father passed away in 2001. He was 75... I miss him alot but I also know God is with him... he is at peace and that to Kathleen... God loves everyone and takes care of everyone here on Earth and in the after life...This is why we must always appericate want God gives us.. Life is too short not too..
May he rest peacefully.. Amen...................

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i love this one!!!! Thank you.....What about hapiness is living a honest loving life with respecting all that God had created....

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Hey!!! does anyone know who won the beautiful piece of artwork that was offered as a prize? No names? i would of thought it would be a bigg bamg for the Fourth of July?? Well in any case.. To the winner, you must feel honored!!! and lucky!!!! maybe they just surprize the winner by FEDEX? that would be very nice to have that kind of surprize delivered to you home!!! I guess they really do wait a few weeks before announcing the winner!!!! LOL

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Good morning everyone!!!! I think I would choose Pennsylvania because its alittle down south for me, yet in the East coast..While I love California, I am more of a on the outskirts of things....Yes a city girl that likes the country, or older homes... What does that make me? LOL...... I like the four seasons... Winter you can feel the appreciation of a cozy warm home, in the spring you just are so excited about seeing new creations of nature, in the summer, you relax...The fall, there is a certain feeling of wow how things change so fast... With that there are smells that you can count on to know which seasons are which.. That my friend is the best part.. Anyone know what I mean? Have a wonderful day!!!!!:)