Walls for the Wind

Walls for the Wind


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I think a pre-nup can be romantic. I know that sounds crazy but I know plenty of couples who are only staying together BECAUSE of money. With a pre-nup and a lasting marriage, you know you're together for the right reasons and not because you "need" the other person to care for you financially.

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I use a personalized Excel file with my personal budget all laid out and have it saved to Google Docs so I can easily update or view it from anywhere.

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I'm glad to see that you opted for the bike you really wanted. You deserve it after doing the Scrap It program.

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As long as you come back to Boulder regularly! We love you.

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I absolutely loved your presentation and remembered the line, "Public speaking never killed anyone," when I had to present at work to 20 professors last week. Thanks.

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So proud of you! You deserve all the success in the world.