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This street art is fantastic, and thanks for sharing this. Argentina is very high on my radar and if only I can find a cheap flight, I'm ready to toss a few things in my case and jump on a plane!
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Beautiful photo essay. I'd say that my favourite are the wall paintings from Palestine. On the other hand, I'm curious of where you spotted the ones in Cape Town as I spent quite some time there and didn't see them :-)

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Lovely photo essay, Laurence. My favorite shot is the white temple surrounded by birds.
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What a lovely photo essay, Nellie! I get the point to Andy's comment. Prague is a wonderful city but it has become so touristic.
I had my first encounter with Prague in 1980 when the Eastern Bloc was still strongly in place. Quite an experience... If you're curious to know how Prague looked back then you can have a look at my Prague series
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Awesome photo essay, Nellie! I particularly like the pictures of people and life, and the miniature painting. Looks like you're having a great time in India. Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip.

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Ehm... I had my honeymoon in Botswana and Namibia... Places were wonderful, my ex-husband a little less... :-)

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Gosh! Awesome places... I wouldn't know where to start from! Probably Costa Rica, Botswana and Chile. I love to stay in small lodges, immersed in the wilderness...
Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas.

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Awesome photos, Nellie! I love Peru. One of the most beautiful countries I visited so far...

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Beautiful shots, Nellie! Your photos really show the very special ambiance of Marrakech. I've been there - awww - some 15 years ago, but not much seems to have changed.