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Fire AVB and DL for mismanagement??? No comment...

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Will be an extremely tough task to go and win at Newcastle. History isn't on our side when it comes to this particular fixture, so a draw (0-0, with lots of chances for Tottenham preferably) seems likely. Would still be a good start to our campaign considering we have some winnable fixtures right after.

480 weeks ago @ A Chelsea Fan's Blog - AVB - Shut up and get ... · 0 replies · +1 points

Hi, Spurs fan here. I'm not so sure that this isn't a ploy by the media to re-use, recycle, regurgitate the same interview from AVB for their own benefit / dramatic effect. I don't think it was any secret that Abramovich bailed on the Portugese coach / manager when he needed him most. All power to Chelsea, and Drogba mostly IMO, for getting on with the job after his release and bringing home the CL trophy. Still, what I like about AVB is his tendency to admit that he has gotten some things wrong at Chelsea. It's not all a blame game as you make it out to be. Is he the right head coach for Spurs? Not sure at this point, but so far I like what I see from him.

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I think the title says it all! A win against Wigan would be a great pick-me-up.

Once the Carling Cup match went into penalties, it was 50/50. Hit or miss. And we missed. I wasn't distraught or anything, but I did feel sorry for the young ones who put in a solid performance.

Gio and Pav are another issue altogether.

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I will be very sad to see Niko leave Spurs. He definitely did not deserve the that type of treatment, and as you said, will not deserve to have 2 starts under his belt this coming season.

Why do I have a feeling he will be punishing us for it down the road?

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A part of me thinks that this article out of Croatia is partly bullshitting.

Anyone else agree?

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Would be a fantastic addition to the squad... would also be the right player to show Modric we mean business in the next few years.

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I was way more gutted when Suarez and Carrol signed for the Reds. I wasn't too sure about Joe Cole but now I am... we don't and never did need him!

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Way too old for the money Sevilla wanted. We're better off without him.

550 weeks ago @ THBN - Tottenham Hotsp... - Sandro; Take a Bow Son · 0 replies · +1 points

Good to be back!

Sandro was brilliant in both Milan fixtures. The test begins now with our focus moving back to the Premier League. I want to see him prove himself in the league and I believe he can!