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Very interesting list. But, for number 2, I don't really see the treaty as being that bizarre. Forcing the Germans to return the skull to Taganyika was a way of further embarassing the defeated German Empire. This is similiar to Hitler forcing the French to sign the treaty that made their annexation into Nazi Germany official in the same carriage that the Treaty of Versaille was signed in.

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It's easy. Choose the lesser of two evils. As I said before, I would rather one person die than two. Unless, that is, if I was in a concentration camp or something like that. I wouldn't choose in that situation, as they are both going to die eventually.

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Thanks for the clarification. Good list, by the way.

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Is #10's name Louis Keesberg or Louis Keseberg? It is spelled both ways in the article.

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I believe you have enlightened us about your personal beliefs before. I see no need for you to do it again.

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Yes, he did bad things, but I don't think he's bad enough to be on a list with Hitler. Take Osama Bin Laden, for example. He attacked the U.S. because he believed it was a "godless nation". That's not really an excuse for the death of thousands of civilians. Cromwell, on the otherhand, declared war on Ireland to expand his country. Now, while his actions are still unexcuseable, they are not as bad as those of Ilse Koch and Joseph Stalin. And let's not forget that Cromwell wasn't the only British leader to invade Ireland. Many British monarchs, including Elizabeth I, invaded Ireland and pillaged its towns and murdered its people.

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He didn't start the war, but if Germany hadn't joined Austria-Hungary in their invasion of Serbia, there would have been no world war. Germany wouldn't have invaded Belgium, and Britain wouldn't have declared war on the Central Powers (which wouldn't have existed, by the way), and the United States wouldn't have joined in. So while he didn't start the war with Serbia, Wilhelm kind of started the World War.

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Well, according to this site - http://www.cracked.com/article_18718_6-famous-uns... - The Mary Celeste was the site of an explosion that scared off the crew.

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Everyone on this list was quite evil and disgusting...except for Cromwell. Cromwell did not commit genocide, cultural cleansing, or anything like that. He simply engaged in a war with Ireland. The people that died is a sad and tragic consequence of war. By that same logic, you could include Napoleon (about 5 million people died in the Napoleonic Wars), Abraham Lincoln (823,000 people were killed in the Civil War), and Kaiser Wilhelm II (9 million people died in World War I) in this list.

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So you would rather have ten crazy mass murderers kill hundreds of people than go bored?