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GigaOM broke this story on 14 October. I've been using this hack since that time. http://gigaom.com/apple/how-to-create-and-modify-...

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I'm not always sure which movie is next in the DVD queue and having Netflix on my iPhone will allow me to adjust the queue on-the-fly. Not sure if I'll watch a streaming movie on my iPhone 4, mainly because I have an iPad, but I'll at least check it out.

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Okay, now that I'm using the Bookmarks bar, I just have one question: How do you remove a bookmark from my iPad?

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Was not aware of this, thanks for the tip.

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The "media" caused 70% of this, and you won't let it go. Read a more balanced opinion with some objectivity. http://www.crunchgear.com/2010/07/16/antennagate-...

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Great concept post, which should get lots of hits. For a long time. The quote in point #1 is priceless. Great article.

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Same problems here: Couldn't use the AT&T site, the Apple store was really slow and kept kicking out. When I did get through they couldn't confirm my AT&T upgrade status, and when I scheduled a pick up on launch day the site sort if bugged out. I never received confirmation.

So I got the Apple Store app and made a pre-order with scheduled and confirmed pickup on launch day the 24th starting at 7am at my local Apple store. This method was also buggy as my upgrade status was not confirmed, in fact they didn't even confirm I was an AT&T customer judging by the confirmation email, which had the right phone, but the price was listed at $699. Oops! Guess I'll get that straightened out when I pick up my new iPhone 4, black, 32GB model.

You'd think they would have this figured out by now. The iPad pre-order was much smoother. Hmm, demand must be over the top for the new iPhone 4.

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This Skype screen showed up last night and it looked like a phishing scam so I closed the offer. Not really happy about Facebook and this offer with Skype.

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I'm going to order from the Apple online store and have them send my iPhone's (mine and my wife's) to our house. Same way I did with the iPad. The only problem with that is we didn't get delivery from FedEx until about 2pm PST. The Best Buy option you mentioned sounds pretty good, but I'll be without a vehicle that day and will just have to wait, with longing.