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For a variety of reasons, last year I let a younger friend drag me to a college party. I discovered that although I'm still firmly in the middle range of 20's, I am too damn old for that nonsense. Although, much like any club I've ever briefly gone to, I was never much of a fan in the first place.

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My store had a customer who kept buying prepaid smart phones, with the extended warranty on them (which covered accidental damage). Except he kept waiting until that phone was no longer available, then smashed his phone with a hammer to try to upgrade for free. The thing is, when you look at broken phones on a near-daily basis as part of your job, you know what intentional damage looks like...

But of the many stories I could tell about providing tech support, my favorite so far has been the lady who brought in her iPhone saying the internet didn't work. I don't know who sold this woman on buying a smartphone, but it turns out we just had to teach her. Painstakingly. Starting with "hey, see that picture that looks like a compass and says Safari? That's how you get to the internet. Now try typing anything you're interested in... like cats! And it will search for anything about cats." That's pretty much word for word how it went, but it went on for about an hour...

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I agree that River at least knows something about what happens to Rory. He comes to her cell in A Good Man Goes to War (or it could've been a different ep?) and she has a brief but powerfully emotional response to seeing him.

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That's true, I'll give ya that one :)

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I'm thinking of just making all of mine out of Doctor Who...

The Doctor with a banana- Ready to party
Rory, in the TARDIS- About to die again (example usage: I'm about to try the boss fight again, but I have a feeling I'm Rory, in the TARDIS)
Slitheen, in a human suit- very gassy
Amy, with her suitcase- waiting a long time
Captain Jack, meeting a stranger- flirtatious
Donna and the beetle- Something is wrong but you can't put your finger on it, or additionally, slightly paranoid
The TARDIS in Idris- alive, but confused about it. Or additionally, feeling like a mad, bitey-lady. Personally, I'd use the second definition a lot...
The Doctor at Demon's Run- I'll leave this one unexplained, it could mean about 5 different-yet-awesome things

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I once dated a guy who grew his hair long (we were in college, it seemed like the thing to do), but I couldn't get him to use a comb or brush. Then when I finally attacked him with a comb, we found mats in his hair. Huge ones. Bigger than I've ever cut out of any dog's fur, all just hiding on the underside. He actually looked good with his head shaved, though.

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I'm fairly dedicated to Android, although iOS has always had it's good points. Different strokes for different folks. That said, Window's attempts at mobile OS have so far been extremely underwhelming. Based on the bias that their current smartphones could legitimately cause, I see them having HUGE difficulty competing in a market where android tablets are still at about half the market share of iPads (despite android phones having overtaken iPhones). Their biggest problem is that their current Mango smartphones are so much more LIMITING than either android or iOS (missing basic features like the ability to set mp3 files as ringtones or a fully-developed app offering), that it's really the exact opposite of what you'd expect from MS. The reason to use Windows or Linux over Apple is all the freedom and flexibility. Android has that in spades, while Windows mobile OS doesn't.

Even if Windows 8 is way better than anything they've done so far in mobile tech, I think they'll have a hard time getting people to try it or to develop for it. Same problem HP had when they tried to develop for webOS (Palm), although MS isn't failing as catastrophically. The touch cover *does* look pretty awesome, though, and hopefully for me android tablets will pick that up faster than Apple will (MS already makes money off patents used in android phones, why not android tablets?). Having a full OS on a mobile device is interesting too, though... a real laptop/tablet hybrid. I hope you're not right that they'll make that version cost a laptop price. To be competitive at all, the mobile version should come out for $400 and the full for $500. If they are smart...

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What we really need is a hastily assembled, rabidly devoted "Can't Stop the Eureka" campaign... poor Eureka...

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1) Loved this comic from the moment I read the title, started laughing in the middle of the first speech bubble. This has to be one of your best (also, I'm so glad you're putting that comment in the book, because it is also THE BEST!) 2) It would be very bad for me if shows came out 6-10 episodes at a time since I have absolutely no self control when it comes to sci fi. But it also doesn't make sense to move DW to a fall-start schedule. I like how it's staggered (or used to be) so that I always have something awesome putting out new eps while I wait on something else. 3) I will probably fill the hole with the few Sherlock eps coming out, Eureka's (sadly) final season, and Once Upon a Time, which is way better than Grimm so far (IMO... I'm still giving Grimm a chance to improve).

And if that doesn't work, I'll watch a lot of Baker and Tennant. And play drinking games with all of those drinks.

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For my birthday, I got a set of USB cable adapters, but none of them were micro or mini (or anything else that would actually be useful). Also, I work at an electronics store where I can get all my cabley needs fulfilled half-off.

Thanks for the hover text, my head won't stop playing Code Monkey now... But at least you got an *awesome* song stuck in there.