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I am a registered voter in the state of Arkansas, looking forward to voting for Merlin Miller as a properly signed-for third party candidate!

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I think bob was suggesting to use "European-American" instead of "white." Because Mr. Johnson specifically asked the Senators about issues facing whites.

I prefer "White American" or "authentic American" or instead of "Euro-American." It's a contentious subject.

Mr. Johnson was very savvy to gain access to the event, and very courageous to bring up the topic of white people.

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GREAT article, and very inspiring outreach (as usual).from SoCal.

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Good work, Mr. Brandt!

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Only American citizens may become A3P members. Supporters of other nationalities are encouraged to support the A3P by commenting on articles on the A3P homepage, sharing links to A3P articles, and joining the A3P Facebook page ("Like" the American Third Position).

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"Both of these cities were predominantly German — in architecture and racial makeup. Many of the children and young women were Nordic and breathtakingly beautiful. The streets were clean and there were no barbed fences surrounding the properties. Even the garbage men and many of the sales clerks were Nordic."

There may be hope for these two towns, because they do not rely on nonwhite labor. Whites, including Americans, have a tendency to rely on nonwhites to do our dirty work and hard labor, and it inevitably leads to our downfall.

We must be self sufficient in order to preserve our ethnic group. That means building our own houses, scrubbing our own toilets, grooming our own horses, collecting our own garbage.

Relying on nonwhites to keep us in our first-world lifestyle means that we are dependent on them, and at their mercy if they decide to unionize, etc.; it means that we will inevitably be outnumbered by them in our own lands, since they breed faster than we do; and it means many of our people will eventually mix with them.

Living in a homogenous society is our best defense. Not having cheap nonwhite labor to exploit may mean a slightly less cushy lifestyle, but it means the survival of our folk. The choice is obvious.

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I guess it's a matter of perspective, because I find the number of people in the group photo very heartening. Just remember every movement has to start somewhere, and the A3P is growing, not shrinking. The groups in the future will be larger.

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I didn't think the EU flag was a good choice either.

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Pat Buchanan wrote a column about this:

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Even beyond the racial aspect, it's troubling that universities are actually shunning people with an interest in farming, i.e. they are much less likely to admit students who participate in 4-H or FFA. Agriculture is absolutely crucial.

We are importing more food in recent years. What if those imports are cut off for any reason?

There are 300,000,000+ inhabitants of this country right now, and if the food supply gets interrupted things will be very, very ugly.

Ensuring the food supply stays stable should be the top priority; if educational institutions don't see it that way, it calls into question the value of the whole higher education system. I mean, what ARE they teaching those kids these days, anyway?