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Once you start, you cannot go back......or your soul will weep. Beautiful truth. Thank you.

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I loved it! Thank you.

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Elena Brower and Kathryn Budig can have my spot on the list. :-)

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Well. Thank the God of my understanding that when it comes to yoga, there is a little something for everyone - OM(s) and all.

I'm against being pushed beyond my edge and there are poses I don't do, so I get the point about physical injury, but I don't think the deeper spiritual connections I get from my practice are "utter silliness".

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As a student and teacher of yoga, my biggest question about all of these so called yoga controversies (yoga for weight loss, guru mentality, skinny girls vs. heavy girls, would Jesus do yoga?, the list goes on and on) why does anyone care what someone else's yoga looks like? My yoga is MINE. It is a deeply personal thing to ME.

Why would anyone care what brings me to the mat? I come. I breathe. I feel. I am.

I am a better person for it and the people who know and love me understand it is the Yoga that is making me better. My example brings them to the mat. Was it the promise of weight loss on a strip mall yoga studio window flyer that brought me or was it the book I bumped into in a used bookstore - Yoga of Discipline? Both of these things came to me within days of each other (and they are polar opposites in the weight loss/guru continuum), I don't think I even know the answer to the question. It doesn't matter. I came.

Asana is a part of my practice, but is not the core of my practice. It keeps me limber and flexible for longer meditation. For the record, I did lose 25 lbs. Once I started practicing yoga I stopped obsessing over every bite of food and every diet book on the market and just started to live in my body.

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So cute. (Also loved your Origin Magazine piece!)

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I care.

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I know one thing for sure. I could stop eating for a little while for an opportunity to have been the model in the cover shoot with Adam Levine. Just sayin'.

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Thank you for this thoroughly researched article. I especially appreciated the cites.

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"Grey is the new blah". I almost spit out my tea. :-)