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Ah Abubakar and Nadia ! Beautiful words from a wise soul :-) So good to finally read this.

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For me the change begins from within. When I study my fears and the stories within them, when I notice my reactions , create a distance from them, when I have an 'aha' moment about myself, thats when my mindset changes. The inner world leads the change to the outer.

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I have a massive fear of failure. I won't try something if I feel that fear. Never realized that but am now so thats a start. Now am okay with failure. Am learning its our reaction that matters. Thank u for this.

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@ Rob white. Thank u for that. Am learning to express myself authentically. Am getting the message of 'inspiration' twice today.As also being 'selfish'. It really is being true, isn;t it. Thank u for that message. God bless

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Hi. Its attachment to an idea that this is my passion (eg writing), and because I am so attached to it I keep trying to make something out of it. Yet the attachment arises out of my 'ego', my mind, saying this is my talent (which I sort of do)
. Yet it has very little to do with flowing threw me, freely to help others. Its all about me,and my self expression, and I 'think' I can find a way to help people with it.
Rather the focus shouldn't be so much on 'me'. I should forget what I get out of it, it should be pure love and pure giving.
In this search for purpose, I've learned that I cannot search for it. I can only work at inner peace, at quietening the mind, of letting go of all limiting beliefs. When I reach a place of peace, when I am ready to give, the purpose will find me.
Also purpose may not necessarily be a vocation. It could be simpler, to help family, to be a at-home mom and wife and nurture a family. Its about finding our truth, our values , and living them.
Thats the learning, for me. So my current work is inner peace. :-)
I hope what I write makes sense. Sometimes its just too many ideas in my head

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Very useful. Its hard, but am trying. Sometimes one's attachment to a certain idea keeps us stuck. Will look up the book . Thanks for the tips.

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Ah I meant I could the Voice in your post :-) but since you ask the Voice within me says thank you for great friends, the Voice says that life is giving me opportunity and I need to take it, the Voice says, all is already well, I just have to see it.. The Voice says I am here to serve, but my mind doesn't know how just yet? So the Voice has left me confused.

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Nadia , Nadia, Nadia. So great to read your wise words again. Thank you for showing me the importance of leading a life true to ourselves . Its hard but with the help of wise friends one learns to find the way. Love the pic. God bless.

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Very nice. I think I could hear the Voice :-) This is such a vivid post, so deep and wise and simple. It really is all about giving. Also about giving from a place of pure heart and peace. To just give, always. Thank you for this all important message.

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What really resonated with me is to have influence we must serve first, be responsible and proactive. It really isn't about us as much as it is about us 'giving'. Thanks for the great article.