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Love this line - Ideas and plans are great but if they don't match up with God's plans then what's the point? There is no real value in that.

We have so many 'good' choices of things to do in this life, but I think they often distract us from the plans God has for us. Enjoyed the post!
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Ok, sorry for the reply fail. That was supposed to be to you :-)
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Your mind is working right, no tricks! I found your blog through another one that I read. Nice to meet ya!
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I think it's awesome you wanted to donate blood in the first place. Shows your heart is in the right place. I hope next time works out better for you!
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Went ahead and prayed for you. Hope all goes well!

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I'm neutral toward Lebron. I think it's fine those guys got together to play in Miami. The Decision part of it was probably not the best idea though. One thing is for certain: he does not know PR and that kills him. That said, I was glad to see the Mavs win, not b/c I'm anti-Lebron, but because I like their team concept. They don't have exception althletes (compared to the rest of the NBA), but they play the game well together.

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I'm actually reading Richard Foster's book The Celebration of Discipline right now. I would definitely agree that we don't practice them much these days.
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11 years ago @ Kristine Remixed - A Christian is... · 2 replies · +1 points

Great reminder that we need to think about what "christian" truly means. I get to speak to some youth every year at a camp and we always have this type of talk.

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That's awesome Ron. Those sacred moments are special. I think #3 is what gets me most often. I have a hard time removing myself from the chaos of life. I will say I've discovered I'm a lot more 'in tune' with what God has to say after worshiping for a few minutes. Maybe that helps me forget all the chaos around me.

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Wow. Guilty of the Twitter thank you deal. I like the idea of being more specific with the thanks though. That at least makes the content worth it.