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What you wrote here is exactly from my own heart... I am currently experiencing this: "I can't give someone something they don't already have. I can only create a space of love for them to experience who they already are"...
I consciously prepare a space of love and peace and joy..a resting place, a creating place, a place to just be..where I relate to all and open my heart to the gratitude I Felt for the experience and continue to create and hold space...
I cast fear aside, and I allow my light to shine brightly..I make the choice to *be love*, transparent, genuine..I lead a heart led life that often sets me apart from mainstream, yet allows me to experience magnificent that most couldn't fathom..
So, thank you for sharing these words, and your energy, from yoru own heart truth which so closely mirrors my own..very affirming, inspiring, encouraging. I look to the stars and know I am a star..*we* are stars..and we Know, we absolutely Know. Thank you for being you. I appreciate you!

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In general, all that you Feel and express here precedes transformation..so may all that you Ask for be perfectly placed into your life in ways that you may graciously accept..As you wish for your self, I too wish for you as well:)

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Hi Lisa, Enjoy your vacation..And I will pop over to check out Rose right now..*You* are awesome:)

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Hi Lisa,
Thank you for the mention! Almost fairy-like indeed! After all I *am* a child of the moon..a butterflies and glitter gal...I shall check out the other blogs..thank you for sharing!

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Hi Lisa,
LOL first I have to manifest Skype, then I will join you! My friend is a "master" manifester..I learn a lot from her. I am excellent at manifesting extraordinary, I am not so excellent at manifesting regular..I think because I get bored with regular *grin*..I love your story and how openly you share...I was thinking about money today--then dropped in here, check *that* out..and my thought was I don't do a great job manifesting money because I don't respect it fully, I still have bits of fear attached to it..so I am releasing fear and attaching love and joy to it..

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Hi Lisa,
I love the look of your site..the energy here is amazing! Thank you for sharing more about yourself..I too love silence..I am one of the few who does not carry my cell phone with me and some of my best moments are just me and nature..If a place has too much noise I am overstimulated although I love live concerts so go figure..one thing about me...I belly dance..I learned when my son was three, and I greatly enjoy the art of it all..

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Hi Lisa,
I *love* what you share here! And I *love* Caroline Myss..using chakra healing I was able to heal from stage 3 cancer, which is part of how I appreciate each day as I do..
As for reaching out/acting on intuition, I tend to do that much of the time..those around me humor me...they don't understand why I just reach out--it's just from my heart--and I don't understand why people let common fear initimidate them...Thank you for sharing your example..it's allowed your readers to think of examples within their own lives..and perhaps consider reaching out yet again..awe-some:)

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I absolutely love this: "It brings you closer to your Higher Self and makes you realize that your individual life is not all there is to Life. It makes you see that you are part of a bigger scheme of events called LIFE."
I believe we are all Energy..Energy flows through us, and it is my "job" to remove any internal barriers so when it flows through me to the next it is abundant and pure...Meditation is one resource I use frequently. And as Sibyl stated, the right silence is absolutely golden...
Thank you for including the excerpt from Jiddu Krishnamurti..truly beautiful!

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Thank you very much for this insightful series...may we all incorporate the lessons we wish we'd learned..and may we all continue to embrace this journey with open minds and joy filled hearts..

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Hi Jay,
You are an amazing writer.
Thank you for sharing as you did. I can feel so much in your words..then this outpouring of love...amazing!!! I hope that you allow these voices from the loving people here to shush your inner voice and the love in these words to touch your heart. You are Divinely beautiful, perfectly made as you are, for this moment that you are in. If it's a painful moment, there are people who care about you; if it's a joy filled moment, then celebrate!!! May you access your inner peace and find the contentment you deserve...