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Right - your Best Friends. Fiends fight and have disagreements. It's natural. They may even want to HURT you, but they DID make a choice not to kill. Even if they didn't get a gun (many kids could - many have access) they don't because then you (figurative "you") would be dead and not HURT. So, this is NOT the objective. The objective is to HURT and get what they want through superior braun. A gun doesn't show that the winner had braun, which is what most of THOSE school yard fights were about. BTW - it used to be that thats EXACTLY what they taught in schools. Maybe some still do. They even had marksmanship competitions. Kids used to bring hunting and sport equipment, of which a rifle or even bow and arrow were some.

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thanks for the heads up, but really it's ok. the questions and postulations are what all are thinking and saying so it doesn't matter WHO says them it's how WE answer.

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Arming teenagers? they are already armed. All people have arms and legs. hehe - but seriously, a weapon can be anything - a car, a bag, chains, knives and a pillow - all have things used for EVIL are evil, but those same things can be tools and used for GOOD. Everyone has the potential for both but TOOLS don't have arms or legs. If a kid can get their hands on pot or other drugs and illegal stuff, then a gun is not outside their purview. So, the same argument could be made for all tools. Do we ban them. Why not teach MORALLY correct behavior and TEACH what is EVIL so that they know the difference and how to discriminate MORALLY? Making good choices is good and EVIL choices not PC.

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I am well versed.
1. Religion is of MAN. Faith is in G-d and not religion. you may have many religions interpreting G-d, which is why Religion is OF man.
2. Cain and Abel are not JEWS. The torah, which are commandments didn't come until much later. Also, it's argued that Abraham may have been the 1st Jew, but many others say that it was not until Moses last days in the desert that Israel became really Jewish. It's dependant on the interpretation.
3. Religion IS what man makes of it, but g-d is g-d and faith is solitary.
4. I agree that either we personally accept g-d or we reject him, but does rejecting faith automatically make one evil? My answer to that is NO. One is not necessarily evil without faith, but can be swayed to evil more quickly. This also is true for those who say that they are of one religion or another but have little or no faith. Some that say that they have no religion, but have faith are much more moral than those with "religion" - such as the fake Catholic or one that's Jewish in blood only - you see my point. I hope?

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how would one be able to tell the difference? and if everyone was armed - then really what could one kid do? - but that being said - anyone who proclaims that they want to commit jihad or sacrifice a person to satan, then NO they should not have a weapon. EVIL is not acceptable for the sake of equating good with evil, which is immoral equivalency. To not judge is to not practice proper discretion and this is what passes for PC, but is allowing for CHILD abuse to occur. Proper discretion is required for proper nurturing of good and to discriminate against evil. One MUST assert that evil is what each individual act of bad is. Moral judgement comes through wisdom and as adults we must be able to model it. Practice and repetition is necessary. Therefore, sometimes a one sentence answer is insufficient to a very complicated one sentence question. That was LOADED :) ehhehe

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all religion. ideology is what PEOPLE make it. Punish the person. People will twist whatever they want

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I'm Jewish and take umbrage with the above. I don't believe that Christ was the Messiah. He was a very educated philosopher and rabbi. He was fed up with the tax man just like you. That being said, I can tell the difference between good and evil. Catholics had done evil and do (molestation, etc..) yet claim to know G-D. Jews do evil by the same token. People are people. The issue is with understanding that the people that want to KILL you are not your moral equals. Morality comes from many different sources and one is G-d, but even if one is an atheist, judge him by his actions and not by his belief. We have Satanists that live in this country. When was the last time that a Satanist committed murder on behalf of Satan? I don't advocate it, but they have not chopped peoples heads off. The actions of Muslims that commit these murders, are derived by a purist belief in the Q'ran. They can be reformed and a reform must occur. There is no other solution. Morality is guided by ideology. The ideology MUST be reformed for a coexistence. " Co" "existence" - Co - together - and existence = life. Clearly, the non reformed Muslim will not and can not co - exist with non Muslims or those that would subject himself to enslavement. Also, this is directed to Muslims that they believe are not ideologues of the same order as seen in the fighting between Sunni and Shia. Therefore, the ideology is RELEVANT to them, due to the fact that they have not had a reformation and are currently conducting ACTS that are EVIL in the name of their G-d. There g-d is therefore not our g-d and is EVIL to those that are not his. Their g-d tells them to kill and the religion has not reformed the action of killing to that of a theological debate. Some Muslims have embraced this, however, these are outcasted and are hunted and killed for their "reformed" notions. They are infidels and are considered WORSE than jews. They are not offered Jhizia. Ask a Muslim if this is untrue? All of the above is. Pick up the Q'ran and read for yourself. There are too many edited version in English that take the words and twist them. Do a google translation. I did a long time ago and I was shocked, but maybe they have altered even google translate. I have not tried recently. This is long, but real.

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people ask how these things could be prevented. Prevention = no crime committed. This would require that the issue is resolved BEFORE the crime is able to be executed. That would require the would be victim to be able to asses the threat an neutralize it . This outcome would require a few pre crime givens to have occurred. 1 - the would be victim carries a gun (everyone required to carry a weapon), 2- middle and HS kids get basic marksmanship as a required course and yearly qualifications. 3 - the potential criminal is aware of the previous 2 requirements and is detoured from committing the crime to begin with. In my opinion, the crime levels have reached a point that this PREVENTION should be considered.

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so many people calling for impeachment..... Thats only the start. Impeach them all and hold them to high treason charges.

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Obama should be impeached immediately. Through those hearings many cockroaches will come to the light. These people, to include Obama and Bush and Clinton (the royal family's) should be examined for Conspiracy, Espionage, AND HIGH TREASON. They should be held to the HIGHEST standard and should be punished to the same extreme. Apathy by the American people will bring all of us death. That has ALWAYS been the case in history. The bigger they are (and America is the biggest ), the harder they fall. We have a long way to fall and the momentum when we hit, will be devastating.