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I pass at work for the most part but definitely not in my personal life. I used to pass for a long time because I grew up somewhere that was not geek friendly. I got threatened once because a drunk friend accidentally outed us a trekkies.

I stayed way under the radar for years until I reached a point in my life where I realized I preferred being happy with who I was and not with what some stupid schmuck thought of me.

Now I have mostly geeky t shirts some obscure. some blatant. I keep a towel in my knapsack and my work bag. I wear a version of the One Ring my fiancee got me (it's black with gold lettering in the black speech so it isn't too obvious) I have 4 sonic screwdrivers (3,10,11, and the Masters) and a Doctor Who scarf (13' long) that I wear all the time (it is cold out you know). I have a Jayne hat I haven't worn outside yet to keep my fiancee from breaking down in tears (that will require a special occasion I think) and my home desk is covered in geek toys. I have LOTR and Hobbit posters all over the hall and bookcases filled with Tolkien, Harry Potter (US and UK versions), Douglas Adams, and several zombie survival guides and guides on how to get superpowers or summon the Old Ones.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I definitely do not pass for "normal" and wouldn't have it any other way.

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I just bought myself a pair of Altama mil spec combat boots to replace my old pair that I got about 13 years ago. The new pair cost me about $130 and once they're broken in I will retire the old pair. I considered a pair of Doc Martens but they cost $220 for the pair I wanted (1916 classic MIE in black) and I can't resole them so I just went with what has worked for me so far. I have Oakley sunglasses I bought for $100 10 years ago, so when I spend a lot on something I tend to take the best care of it I can.

I also spent around $500 on a coat and shirt for my wedding ceremony and will spend about $300 more on my pants and boots. We're doing a Gothic theme and the clothes are hand made so they cost quite a bit.