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Hey.. just wanted to say thanks for the nice comment on Pete's Plan B stories link. My wife and I have been blessed to have our Lauren - God is good.

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I am old enough to have watched all the originals and the newest one. If you watch the original, you will see that the same plot was used for both it and the remake.

I do like the point that there is a difference between doing nothing and being still..

that has given me much to mull over today.
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When I think on Psalms 19 and Acts 17 in conjunction.. I am left to wonder if many religions were born out of a desire to reach out to know God but were stillborn because of lies that were more easily attainable than fully apprehending God.

I believe God draws us to Him and wants us to pursue Him. Some have given up the pursuit and settled for a god in their image instead.

I like this quote from GK Chesterton: "Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried. "

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There is truth in the fact that a broken chair can be made of wood... but that truth won't allow you to sit in it. Ultimately, the greater truth is that the chair is broken and unfit for use.

So a comparison between religions must begin with what is Objective Truth and are the religions broken based on their alignment with that Objective Truth.

If a person begins the journey with two basic tenets of Christian faith - Jesus was God and the Bible is God's inspired word - then all other faiths are 'broken' and unfit for use even if they have other similar teachings.
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{Joy: See what you made me do?]

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All the air starts escaping and you end up with flat feet.

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I recognize some of the lyrics from an old hymn that I sang as a child.

On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross.. the emblem of suffering and shame.

Ultimately, the tree is just that... a tree. But then there are times that it reminds us of what, more importantly, has occurred. Pretty cool stuff.

By the way.. just out of curiosity what languages do you code in? (For nearly 2 decades I was a code jockey.. I switched to the business side about a year ago.. though I still dabble.)
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I have been wondering lately if maybe we aren't supposed to stand up and deny these practices instead of trying to clean up afterwards.

I have been to some places that it took everything I had to remain seated and silent.... and I wonder if maybe that was the wrong choice.
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I think this is an interesting topic because we, as Christians, think that God is out to completely rewire us.. as if every thing about us was sinful and unredeemed.

While we are unrighteous and sinful and fallen in our nature, that doesn't mean that there aren't aspects of our individual creation that are not the way God intended. For instance:

I am caucasian and male. Both of those things are as He intended and they are things that I can use for His glory. Can we suppose that there may be aspects of our personalities (will, heart, and emotions) that He has shaped for His glory even before we realized our need for Him?

Did Peter quit being a hard head after the Holy Spirit got a hold of him or did God use that rock-like quality to further His kingdom through Peter?

Yeah.. I think there are some things that are supposed to remain the same... that we don't have to totally reinvent ourselves to become some form of plastic Christian following another form of a plastic Christ.

He will mold us. He will grow us. He may even use those things that we wanted to change about ourselves to accomplish just that. We just have to be willing to be pliable in His hands.

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