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I wonder if @stocksohio is involved in this...

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You are a link-o-matic. This is a valuable collection and I have about 12 tabs open right now to read different posts from this list. Thanks again!

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Great conversation. I love to hear Matt talk about technology supporting relationships. Thanks for doing this and ten minutes is a great length!

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I'm glad you went forward with this post. It's easy as a parent (speaking for myself) to put short term goals of good behavior ahead of eternal goals like kids loving Jesus.

As a kidmin (speaking for myself again) it's easy to go along with the stuff parents already get excited about, rather than the hard work of keeping them focused on the Jesus + nothing point you made.

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I wish they could make my 12 passenger van cool, we moved up from mini vans last summer!

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wow, I haven't wanted to smoke so bad in years.

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welcome to the dark side ...

ok, but I do love the beacon approach to ads. Most of their placements have been a great fit for MTC

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Thanks for all your kind words. I am definitely glad I made the time for CMXPO. You should have mentioned how I made you carry all my stuff to the van!

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This is where my Apple phobia has really hurt me - I didn't even know most of this stuff was out there. Are most of these games being converted for the iPad also? I could see having one around the house, just not the iPhone.

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Thanks for writing about this. It's becoming a common question.

Someone from Group VBS told estimated about half of the churches they work with charge some fee for VBS.

We don't charge for VBS, but we're smaller and the budget covers most normal things. But our most valued (aka attended) ministry program is Upward Soccer which we charge a $55 fee per child. I think the perceived value with parents is becoming a real issue.